My Veteran's Day Thoughts

Saying Happy Veteran's Day sounds a bit silly to me but I thought I would share my two family veteran's day pictures. The top shot is my grandfather on my mother's side, Jay Parscale, who fought in WWII. I don't know a lot about his story but I think he was also an Army cook. He is gone now but definitely not forgotten. This handsome young man is my Dad. He was an information specialist in the Marines in the very early days of the Vietnam War. He was sent out on his own for weeks at a time and sent back information via Morse code. He was also there for the buildup during the Cuban missile crisis. He often tells the story of how he was sent across the island during a hurricane to deliver a message and he had to crawl on his hands and knees holding on for dear life. I also know that there are lots of stories that he doesn't tell and wishes that he could forget.

As you may know I am the peace loving type and I dearly wish that there was no need for any young man or woman to go through what my Dad and Papaw had to experience. But until that day comes I'm very grateful that there are people willing to put themselves at great risk for our freedoms.


Ann said...

Very nice thoughts for Veterans day. I know of many veterans who don't care to speak about what they saw.

basketsbyrose said...

We need to thank all our family member for their service.

Anonymous said...

Well said. Love the photos!

Don't worry...something tells me not that many people are going to enter my giveaway, so It won't be hard for me to keep track of all of the entries:) I'm also thinking I might need to hold that package as you've got a really really really good chance of turning up the winner this time;)

Leslie said...

Thank you, all!

bspinner said...

It's so wonderful to hear about your families history when it comes to service for the United States. We must never forget what they have done and what others are still doing to keep us free.


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