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I'm feeling rather random today so here goes. First my ever honest sister in law, Gray eyed Scorpio, left me a comment in my last post saying that since my blog makeover my page is taking too long to download. I haven't noticed a difference but I don't know if it is because I check it so regularly. Has anyone else noticed an abnormal download time since beautifying the blog? If so I will have to rethink some things. UPDATE: I just removed the Linked Within widget which I had a feeling was slowing things down. Let me know if that makes a difference, please.

To add to the randomness I just included the picture above which is currently listed in my 1000 Market's shop here.

Next I wanted to solicit some thoughts on a new selling venue I just discovered on Twitter. It's called Twolia and it is really new. It is just for women but it also includes music and film and all things creative and indie. I like the idea of it and I see some real potential. The fee structure is exactly the same as Etsy and the categories are very similar. I am really wanting to find a place I feel at home and Etsy just hasn't been making me feel welcome lately. I feel like I'm lost in a sea of sellers. I have some other thoughts on Etsy right now but that is a whole other post. I have never felt comfortable at 1000 Markets either. I love the look of it but it's kind of like going into a really high end boutique. I like looking around but I don't feel like I can relax and be myself there. I just can't get behind the fee structure of Artfire. I like what they are doing over there but I can't justify the $7 or $12 fee each month when there are around 6 months out of the year when I'm not really selling much of anything. Any other suggestions for me from you crafty folks? Should I just pop the cherry and set up my own site since I bought my domain name already? That sounds like so much work though.

I also wanted to give a shoutout to The Soap Seduction. I got my Mother's Day gifts in the mail the other day and I'm absolutely thrilled with her work. Everything was amazingly packaged and made, and they look even yummier in person than in the pictures. She has a MOTHER'S DAY GIFT BASKET with FREE DOMESTIC SHIPPING listed right now. It may not get there by Sunday but it is totally worth being a few days late. I particularly love the Black Currant Rose scent. She also included a whole fugly soap pack for me that has some great new scents I'm excited to use.

I also am thrilled to have won Two Strands Soap Works spring basket contest. I can't wait to see what goodies she includes. She has some amazing spices, soaps, and other bath products you should check out in her etsy shop here.

Any thoughts random or otherwise would be appreciated.


Clesha said...

Hi! I came over after reading your tweets on twitter. I have to agree with your SIL. It takes forever for your site to download and I'm on a T1 line at work. I even had to come back (got tired of waiting) and hit refresh because some of the images didn't download.

Love your creations! Keeps us posted on any new places to sell your wares.

Gray Eyed Scorpio said...

It's quicker now.

Cozy said...

Have you looked at Silkfair? It is free to list and 3% of sales. The admin are very responsive. Although not just a handmade site they have a handmade section. You see it in the left sidebar of the home page.

HammelmanArt said...

Hi. Yes your blog loaded faster today. It must have been that linkd in widget. I find this more and more with blogs. Often I just have to hit reload because entrecard times out and the widget is blank. Anyway, better today.

MagicMarkingsArt said...

lenox ~ glad your blog is loading faster. I was interested to read comments in regard to your blog. It can really get overwhelming! All the new handmade shops and thousands of artist trying to sell. Looking forward to your thoughts.

Storm, The Psychotic Housewife said...

I think it probably was the LW widget too - I didn't use it either because I was afraid for my dial up readers - I seem to have quite a few of them.

Can I feature you as one of my Friday's Featured Etsy posts?

Sinclair said...

I have not had too much trouble with the speed of your blog loading, but it did seem faster today.

I vote Artfire, though I must confess I have not set up my shop there yet, since I joined at this time when I am not selling. I pay the $7.00 fee because I believe it is a good venue and that would be surpassed in one sale.

I feel your pain about Etsy. I am a little put off by 1000 Markets setup. I don't think it is as user friendly.

Pricilla said...

It was taking a while, but it was much quicker today.
I love the scarves posted today. The colors are lovely.


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