Weekend Wrapup

The items above are the miscellaneous, and weird assortment of items that I accumulated this weekend. First I went to Hobby Lobby Friday night to get a new white display board to use for pictures and they had a whole assortment of colors so I also got a great red and black. I once again didn't have the time or energy for a photo shoot of my new items but I hopefully will get a chance to put them to use next weekend.

Last night Mike and I went down to the Delmar Loop, ate a nice dinner and walked around. The Loop is an interesting part of St. Louis, at the epicenter of the colleges and universities, with lots of funky shops that sell tie die and tobacco. When I was in high school and craving to get out of my little town I told myself that someday I would be able to hang out at the loop whenever I wanted. Well, since living here for well over a decade, I've probably been there no more than 3 dozen times, but such is life. Mike isn't crazy about it since parking is a nightmare, it's no more than a stone's throw from a really bad part of town, and he says it's full of pretentious wanna-bes. From the Vintage Vinyl store I got the Margaret Cho used DVD. From a graphic novel and comic book store I got a couple of cool goth graphic novels.

Today my sister and the girls came to St. Charles and we spent the afternoon shopping and walking around down on Main Street. Jess was so cute as we were walking down the old cobble stone, she said, "Is this their mall?" Not exactly but it is full of fun independently owned shops and restaurants. To the right are a couple of street performers that thoroughly entertained the girls, and me too. We went to my favorite local yarn store, Knit and Caboodle, and I was able to support the girls burgeoning yarn habit. There was a whole wall of buy 3 get one free and I let them pick out whatever they wanted, within reason. My sister couldn't believe how much yarn cost, and I told her that you get what you pay for. I got myself 4 skeins of Antuco's cotton variegated yarn. I just bought a bunch of Chilean yarn on-line on sale in some single shades but I couldn't pass up these gorgeous colorways, and they were on the BOGO wall. I also got the huge size 35 Bamboo needles. The girls asked me if I knew how to use them. I told them that they are just like normal needles just a lot bigger. I will use them to make some wild scarves with four or five yarns held together. Talk about fast knitting.

The belt/scarf of many colors is a finger knitting masterpiece that Jess gave me. My sister said that she's been working on it for weeks. She used up all of her scraps and sewed them all together by herself. She said she knew I was the only one who would appreciate it. I couldn't have been more pleased. Oh, and the troll doll is something the girls got me at a garage sale. They are always giving me trolls because they say they remind them of me. I can't argue with that. This last shot is one Kate and I took of ourselves while we tried to stay entertained during Jess's soccer game. I am going to seriously miss those girls when they move...


Sinclair said...

What a fun group of new finds and gifts! I got my fun gift in the mail today (forgot to check the box yesterday) and I am SOOOO pleased! I love the colors and the style. Thanks so much! I will post about it tomorrow and make my call out for Craft it Forward recipients.

Nancy said...

Awh...I love that she thought no one else would appreciate it like you:) That's cute. Sounds like a great weekend. I also wanted to congratulate you on all of the followers. Every time I look it seems like more and more. I know that's a lot of work to get them all, great job!

IBNE HANIF said...

Not only this post, your whole blog is impressive.

Keep it up !


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