Change of Luck

One of my mother's saying goes, "If he didn't have bad luck, he'd have no luck at all." It is usually directed at my brother. Well, I feel like this year has started off under a very unlucky cloud around here. First there was my fall, and just when I'm ready to get back to work this week we get a snow storm. We only have around 3-4 inches but it has me scared to venture out since that is what got me into trouble in the first place. I might attempt to go in tomorrow with the help of a colleague who lives close to me. She doesn't leave until around 10:00 a.m. so I'll call ahead to make sure that the sidewalks are cleared on campus.

On top of this another very close friend is having surgery this week and is facing a life changing illness. And because they are self employed they happen to be without insurance, so who knows how that will affect their future. And in the bigger picture with the loss of the super majority, which I still don't fully understand the significance of, there is a real chance that the health care reform the country is in dire need of is about to be lost once again. It breaks my heart to think about how many people are without insurance and are just one serious illness away from bankruptcy.

So many people who are following their dreams must make the chose to go without insurance because of the extreme costs to get private health insurance in this country. The fact that in order to live life on their terms means giving up the security of health insurance is just wrong. Too many creative people make this difficult choice now because there are so few options. I pray that it won't mean bankruptcy for my friend and that our government can get their act together so that people will have more options in the future.

I made the above treasury using Made by Hand a site I had seen around before but never really explored until today. It allows you to search, make wish lists, and create what they call spotlights like the above, incorporating items from all of the major handmade sites. If you click on the item it will take you directly to the listing for sale.


Moonangelnay said...

lovely items, i could do with some luck at the mo! great blog btw :)

Hot Rocks said...

It would certainly be a step forward for your lovely country to make health care affordable for all its citizens. I cannot imagine how stressful that would be not to be able to afford the proper care to keep yourself healthy, especially as we age. I hope your friend is OK.

CastoCreations said...

Having insurance provided by the gov't doesn't mean that CARE will be provided or be any better than it is now. I agree that it sucks to not have insurance, but for *most* (not all) people it is their choice. I know too many people who CHOOSE to have cell phones, cable, fancy cars but not to purchase their own insurance. THEIR choice. And for those who do not have a choice, there already is government assistance (two of my family members are forced into this situation right now).

Anyway...I hope you feel better soon!

Ann said...

health care is such a big issue and I doubt that no matter what is decided there will be many who aren't happy. Best wishes to your friend.

Nancy said...

Yea....that's a major concern for me too. I've been without insurance and it's a scary thing. Mine was only short lived, but you still can't help but worry. I'm sorry to hear about your friend. I hope they find some kind of workable solution.

Poetic Shutterbug said...

First, I hope your friend is okay. Health care is a huge issue and something needs to be done ASAP. As far as luck, I have heard that saying and all I can say in response is, it can only get better. Take care.


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