My Valentine

Mike is not a big proponent of Valentine's Day. He says once you are married you should be able to just celebrate your anniversary and not have to worry about v-day anymore. I don't care too much myself to be honest but there is nothing wrong with having a day to honor Love. I just got him a few little things from the Hearts for Haiti site along with a custom card/print from riricreations like this one.

I forwarded her the above picture of the two of us, which is one of my favorites, and 60 words that sum up our relationship and the past 7 years of our lives. I thought I would share the words with you. They are:

February 17, Minor League Hockey, Adaptation, Sun Valley Lake, India Palace, Tanzanite, June 19, 2004, "In My Life", Family, The Chimes, Friendship, Lenox Farms, Laughing, New Orleans, Art, Higher Education, Writing, The Bloolights, Lenox Knits, "The Office", Archon, Sushi, Nieces & Nephews, Teaching, Companionship, Mean Bags, Games, Mr. Fidelity, Long Naps, Creating, Books, Friday Dinner, Guitars, Yarn, Acceptance, Judge Judy, El Maguey, Matching Quirks, Forgiving, Poodle Joy, Mayan Ruins, Comforting

Some of them might seem random but they will have meaning to Mike if no one else. Mike and I met on February 17 when we were set up by my now sister in law at a Minor League Hockey game. There is a somewhat amusing story about our first meeting that I don't think I've ever told here. My sister in law, who is married to Mike's twin brother Mark, and I had met about a year before through our mutual friend Leslie. We hung out periodically as a threesome and they had joked about how Debi should set me up with Mike but nothing had ever come of it. Mike had just gotten divorced and Debi said she was unsure whether he was ready to meet someone right away. I smoked at the time and she knew that would be a turn off to him so it took some time before she decided to just put us both in the same place and see what happened.

She called me out of the blue one day and said that they had a spare ticket to a hockey game and asked if I wanted to come along. She hinted that Mike would be there. I got to where we were meeting and saw that Debi was in the car with just one guy and when I walked up she said that Mark had unfortunately gotten called into work and wouldn't be able to join us. I said that was too bad and we headed in. As we were sitting down I let her sit next to who I thought was her husband and spent the first half of the game interacting with Mike as if he was married to my friend. I had only ever hung out with Debi with Leslie and wasn't really solid on the names of the twins or their occupations.

At halftime Debi and I went to the bathroom as women tend to do together. I said that it was really too bad that things hadn't worked out with the setup. She looked at me kind of strange and said "oh, what is the matter." Then it hit me that the twin I was supposed to meet was the one that was there. I went back and sat down next to Mike and said, "So, I just realized that you aren't Debi's husband." We laughed about it and it actually made us relax and we enjoyed the rest of the evening. Mike said he knew right away that he would be spending a lot more time with me. And the rest is history, or our history I guess you could say.

Debi and I had briefly met years before through our friend but hadn't clicked at that time. She even has a picture of Leslie with half of my body in it that she discovered after we became reacquainted. I have wondered what would have happened if Mike and I had met 10 years earlier when we were all in college. I think about how we both would have avoided a lot of heartache if we had found each other then. But who knows if we would have been ready for each other at that time. That heartache helped to make us who we are and how we accept each other as a couple. Mike and I came together fully formed and with our quirks ready to connect. I honestly don't think that would have happened back then.

I doubt that we will be getting out of the house tomorrow since another snow storm is coming our way. I'm looking forward to finding out what he picked out for me from Hearts For Haiti. It's been on top of the refrigerator out of reach for me to sneak a peak all week. I hope you have a sweet day. If you don't have your own special Valentine now keep in mind that the time just might not be right for the two of you yet.


Ruth said...

You two are so cute together in the pic at the top! That's a cool story about how you met too. I don't have a significant other myself at the moment but I guess you never know what might happen.

Sinclair said...

That is a great story! We don't really do v-day, either. We are such iconoclasts that we "don't want to be told when we should honor each other" so we don't really do gifts.

However, I do like the fun of the day and the brightness of the red hearts at this juncture in winter, so I knitted some red stuffed hearts for my mom, daughter, and husband.

I also usually give my kids a little something just as a fun token. Amilia has had her eye on a quilted stuffed dog, so I got it, even though it is commercial and not handmade. Couldn't pass it up on sale for $6.00! I also got her a card (the horse drawn by the 10 year old girl) from the Hearts for Haiti shop.

and, re: sharing our gifts project 5; we are doing Ravelympics in tandem with the project, so if you're interested, skate on over to Ravelry and put up a project page with the tags Ravelry2010, teamsharingourgifts, and eventcharity, and you will get a virtual medal for your efforts when you show it as finished! :)

Duni said...

Happy Valentine's Day, Paige!
I hope you're feeling a lot better.
It was nice to read how you two met! I really like those tortoise-shell glasses you are wearing in the photo. I'm looking for a new pair just like them :)

Ann said...

What a great story. The two of you sound like the perfect couple. I wish you both a happy valentines day. I hope you'll be showing us what that gift is that's been sitting on top of the fridge

Got It From My Mama said...

Can't wait to see what your gift is. Happy Valentine's day. You two take a great pic and I really like your glasses too.

One Creative Queen said...

Awwww! That is such a cute story! I don't blame you for being confused - but what a great ice breaker. You two are absolutely darling together. :) You two "match", if that makes sense.

Happy Valentine's Day - I love what you got. Tell Mike the Queen says he should not be a stick in the mud and celebrate Valentine's Day with you. (Gag I can't believe I just said that!) He's now on order from the Queen. ;)


Kristin at My Art and the Mom in Me said...

Paige! I love that picture of the two of you!! And what a sweet, thoughtful gift.. I am sure you both will treasure it forever.

Thank you for sharing that wonderful story with us, Happy Valentine's Day!

Lin said...

What a sweet love story, Paige! Maybe you ready for each other earlier in your lives. I think sometimes we have to wait until we are ready, but only fate knows that. At least you finally found each other. :) Happy day filled with love!

ceemee said...

That was so sweet, I love the gift you gave him!

selahestelle said...

My husband and I met a couple of years before we met. I was dating his friend, Kurt, who was out of town when a girlfriend of mine and I went to a karaoke bar and ran into a group of Kurt's friends (including Bryan ((my husband)) whom I had never met). He drew me a cartoon joking about how he was going to steal Kurt's girlfriend. That was the last I saw of him, until I dated Kurt a second time, when Bryan and he were housemates. I set up Bryan with my girlfriend (the same one) and we all were a happy foursome for a few months. Then Bryan and I both got broken up with, but wanted to still be friends. We continued to hang out and the cartoon became a self-fulfilling prophesy!
We were both whole people, full of quirks and ready for commitment. My favorite love stories are the ones that come a little later and with a few bumps in the road first. I think fate keeps bringing people together until they click if they're meant to be.

Nancy said...

That's such a funny story! I guess it took the pressure off-haha. Glad you found someone who makes you feel so wonderful, that you connect with so well! Happy belated Valentines!

Becki said...

Awww! Great story, and I love the frame - awesome idea :)

Kookaburra said...

Aww, I love that story of how the two of you first met.


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