In Training

I had my big doctor visit today. He said the bones were healing nicely and that my ankle movement was not bad. He told me I could start partial weight bearing and work my way up to full weight bearing over the next two weeks. I am using a walker now and I'm definitely not going to win any races but I'm standing on my own two feet which is pretty darn good. In a couple of weeks I will transition to a cane and if I need physical therapy we will start it then. He gave me some exercises to do now to work on getting my full movement back.

It hurts to move it sometimes but that is to be expected. My toes are tingling like crazy when I walk and it feels like I'm stepping on pins and needles sometimes. Mike says that is the nerves coming back to life.

I can also scrub it down tonight and get all that dried skin cleaned off. I am debating about taking a picture first to memorialize it in all of its glory. I don't think I would torment you all with it though. Most of it has been dyed a fascinating orange color from the chemical adhesives they used in the first two splints.

You are probably wondering why there is a picture of a llama at the top of this post. Well, I was talking to Mike about a tour I found in one of the guide books I'm reading for our vacation to New Mexico this summer. It is a Llama Trekking Adventure with Wild Earth Adventures, which can just be a day trip or if you are really adventurous overnight camping. We would of course choose the day trip but it sounds absolutely amazing. The llamas carry all of the baggage and the supplies for the guides, including provisions to make a gourmet lunch. They offer custom hikes for any fitness level with experienced guides who will explain all about the wildlife, native plants and history of the area.

I really need something to push myself towards and this could be the motivation I need. Mike has been humming the Olympic theme song every time I have pushed myself a little further tonight. I need to think of myself as being in training. No I'm not training for a marathon or even a 5 K. Nothing ordinary like that for me. I'm training for a New Mexico Llama Trek Adventure. One step at a time...


Ruth said...

Good to hear you're getting better! The llama trek sounds like fun, it would probably need some training for though. I was on a trip last year, one of the things we did was a horseback ride (I'd never ridden before). Up a mountain no less! If I ever do that again I'm taking some riding lessons first, my butt and thighs were sore and bruised for about a week afterward.

Patricia Wood said...

Glad you're doing better! Pamper yourself and take it easy:)

Lin said...

It's good to have a goal and I think the trek would be fabulous!!! I'm glad your foot is coming along nicely.

Dunappy said...

Glad your ankle is doing better! That llama trek is in very beautiful country. Just a word of warning, The elevation may be much higher than you are used to and altitude sickness can be a problem. The altitude of your home town is under 500 Ft above sea level while Taos is Almost 7,000 ft above sea level. For your "training" I'd suggest day trips what ever nearby highest mountain in your area. You may still have a bit of difficulty with the elevation here in New Mexico. I might suggest that you attempt this towards the end of your trip in New Mexico. It sometimes takes a while to get used to the altitude here.
I'd suggest that you start the first week to include shorter day walks like around the Santa Fe Plaza and such like that. A good Idea would be to plan your Llama trek for the second week and that way you will know how the altitude will affect you.

And you also might want to consider a day trip to one of the Hot springs in the Jemez.

A great day trip between ABQ and Santa Fe would be the Turquise trail.

Lynne said...

Glad to hear you are mending well and will be back on both feet soon. Personally, I think the llama trek sounds sort of interesting!

Sinclair said...

that sounds like a great thing to train for; Llamas are so great!

Ann said...

Good news, glad to hear you are mending nicely. A llama trek sounds fascinating.


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