Still Seeking Inspiration

So I'm still feeling pretty unmotivated and uninspired. I think that it is actually getting harder as more is expected of me. I went into work for most of the day on Wednesday but it was a colossal effort for very little payout. It was nice to see everybody but I was caught up on my paperwork after two hours and since I wasn't able to see students there was nothing else for me to do. I don't think it's worth it until I can put partial weight on it and can drive myself. Then I will be able to see students and start feeling more productive again. I did find a very helpful forum that I thought I would share called ehealthforum. I was most interested in the posts from other people who have had my surgery and their recovery but there are groups with all types of injuries or illnesses. It was nice to read other people's stories and get some encouragement and ideas.

I spent the afternoon today looking through last years Fall Collections for inspiring knitwear on InStyle. I know that I'm looking backward but I live in the midwest so we are usually at least one year behind. I'd have to say that Missoni was the most amazing discovery. His collection was full of extra long scarves and hoods often times in layers like this look. I spent over an hour looking at the line. I also adore the color palette and is very similar to the organic yarn that I recently bought and have been working with. The colors are more muted then my usual fair but I think it is appropriate. It's more earthy and bohemian which I think will go over well at next year's Strange Folk Festival.

I was equally inspired by the Michael Kors look in the type right corner of my mood board. This lime green super scarf and hat with ear muffs is a great pop of color and style. There wasn't much else in his collection that got my juices flowing though. The Marc by Marc Jacobs line, including the top left look, was full of great color combinations that I loved.

I'm feeling the call of the fiber much more strongly tonight than I have in the past month. It's definitely time to get the needles clicking again which will hopefully help me to feel more balanced again.


Lin said...

It sounds like going back to work for a bit may have sparked you a bit. I think once you get back into the routine, you will go back to being creative. It's been so gloomy lately, and I know that I haven't had any inspiration to write or shoot photos. I'll bet it will all change for you when you are feeling better and spring comes along. Consider it hibernation. :)

Ann said...

Every time I search for inspiration I find all kinds of things that I want to try and save links but in the end all I have are a bunch of links to projects that I want to try and no new projects started...lol

One Creative Queen said...

I love the treasury you made - and will have to check out Made by Hand. It looks cool!

I have been such a terrible friend - and I am so very, very sorry. I've been wrapped up in my own universe and have overlooked what is going on in yours. I feel terrible about that. I'm so sorry you fell - I can't imagine how that impacts life. I hate that you're in pain, stuck close to the house, and just feeling unmotivated/uninspired in general. You are always one I can look to for creativity - whenever I feel low and can't get my thoughts going, you and a very select group of bloggers are what get me moving again. I should have been here for you more, and been plugged in to the difficulties you're facing. I want to help in any way that I can. I'm so sorry I needed a kick in the rear to pay attention to others.

You are special to me - and always have been. Please forgive me for not being here when you needed someone - I've pulled my head out and am now paying attention. :)

I love ya - and you're in my thoughts and prayers. I hope you have a quick recovery! xx

Anonymous said...

I don't spend much time researching or looking at designers work (which I probably would love to do, but can't do everything, right?) anyway, I get my fashion from project runway and other reality fashion shows that I am OBSESSED with. Anywho, it's nice as a textile artist to see the trends swinging toward heavier felts and twills and lucius big, long fluffy knits in the past couple of years.

selahestelle said...

As an amazon of 6 ft. I am always in support of oversized fashion and extra length. Those colors are ones that everyone can wear everyday; I think they will be a hit.


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