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‘You can’t wait for inspiration. You have to go after it with a club.’

Jack London

I know that you would think with 4 weeks on the couch that I would have a whole lot of finished knits to show for it. But you would unfortunately be wrong. The first 2 weeks are a blur to me since I was in a lot of pain and taking some serious pain meds that left my brain in a fog. The last two weeks have been pretty unproductive too. I have a small pile of hats that I've made and that is it. Ani was over tonight and looked at the few things at the end of the couch and she said "is that it." I thought you would have filled a room with hats by now.

I made the Flickr widget of my knitted creations at PictoBrowser to help get my creative juices flowing. I have been completely lacking in inspiration. My craft room is a cluttered mess at the moment and I can't really get in there to get to my yarn. When I'm lacking inspiration normally I will go in my room, get out piles of yarn and start playing with different color combinations. I will look through my stitch books until something lights my fire.

I had Mike bring me out some books and some yarn but it just wasn't the same. Tonight Ani went deeper into the yarn stash than Mike chose to venture. She drug a bunch of different things out and helped me to come up with some color combos that peaked my interest. That is what I needed to do a week ago.

I'm not going to beat myself up about not using this time off from work more productively. My body was healing and that was the priority. I wasn't really in a position to make the most of the time and sometimes you can't force it.

I've been thinking a lot about the direction that I want to go with my business in the next year. I just don't know if trying to sell on-line is really worth it to me. It is a lot of work for very little pay off. I'm sure I will have a post soon with my thoughts on this.


Duni said...

Aww...Paige, don't put so much pressure on yourself!
The PictoBrowser is a great idea! Thanks for the link. I'd love to be able to create one for my new site.

take care,


overthetopaprons said...

Paige, I pray you are healing well ..... as far as creativity ..... some times, as you know, it just sort of 'kicks in' from no where.

I can certainly identify with a cluttered workroom ... I had planned to reorganize after the Christmas rush but I am afraid it is in the same state of 'mess' ... organization is not my strength.

As far as a website ... I started my last January 09, www.overthetopaprons.com ... I was greatly discouraged from starting one ... too much time,etc,few viewers. But I want to encourage you, I feel for just being on for one year that it was quite successful and it keeps growing. I find it quite fun to have a website. The hosting site I used is PappaShoppe ... It is easy, and they are so helpful, and personal ... I always get immediate help if I get stuck on something, they are very patient to walk me through the things that I do not quite understand.

So, my thoughts are ... go for it. A website is fun. Maybe that is the inspiration you need.

Ann said...

don't feel bad about not being productive. I rarely do anything productive in my off time any more and I haven't been recuperating from anything. I spend hours searching for ideas and accomplish nothing but a huge list of links...lol

Lin said...

Whoa, chickie! It's absolutely okay if you chill while you are recovering. Maybe you just need to let your mind rest or watch some lame TV for a few weeks. It's okay--really. :) Don't be so hard on yourself. (I only know because I do this myself)

Hot Rocks said...

Your body needs the rest...so don't worry about your knitting right now! I am looking forward to your thoughts regarding selling online and your business, as I am in TOTAL agreement with you. I am extremely successful at shows, but like you say, online selling is a lot of work for the tiny amount of revenue it generates. Get better soon!

Ruth said...

Ditto what Ann said, I'm the same way. Rest up, feel better soon!


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