The Bloolights

I thought I would post a few pictures today of my Valentine doing what he loves to do most. He and some friends have a blues band called the Bloolights and they play some local shows at bars and he and Chris the lead singer/guitar player do some acoustic shows at a wine bar in O'Fallon. Last night they played a low key gig down on main street at R.T. Weilers. It was a nice venue although the stage was pretty tight and there wasn't the best sound they've ever had. We're hoping they can do a few shows there a year in the future. Mike is the lead guitarist in the black shirt. His twin brother Mark is on the drums. Another friend Keith helps out on guitar so that Chris can play Bass when they need him too. I took a bunch of pictures but most of them are total crap.

Mike is a very patient and good huband and as he says we are exactly what the other deserves. You have to find someone whose quirks match up nicely with your own and I think we found our match in each other. We're very lucky that we both have passions in our lives that keep us inspired.


Diana - FreeStyleMama said...

Happy Valentines Day!

Did you get my email?

MySweetThree said...

It is nice to read something such as this on Valentine's! And I am glad you posted the link on twitter, otherwise I wouldn't have been able to visit today..(We started our road trip this morning, we are now in Arkansas!)

Sandy said...

Wow they look so professional!! :)

Janet Campbell said...

My honey is in a blues band too! Glad you had a great day!


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