Romantic Getaway?

It looks like the big European vacation planned for this summer is off. My brother will most likely not be living in France much longer so the cost effectiveness of the trip has now evaporated. I feel terrible for my brother having to relocate once again and trying to find a job in this economy. I'm glad that we had not bought our tickets yet but it leaves me with a decision to be made.

This summer is our 5th wedding anniversary and I really want to go on a special vacation. Mike and I aren't travel people but we had a lovely honeymoon in New Orleans. We haven't gone on a real vacation since. We had a long weekend in Chicago and a family vacation with the in-laws to Pennsylvania, but I was highly looking forward to the big one this year.

I have the plan B choices down to 3 picks:

The one that we are leaning towards is spending a few nights in the bed and breakfast we stayed at in New Orleans, and re-visiting the city we love so much. I have been to New Orleans 4 times but not since Katrina. It would be romantic to go back to The Chimes and I love the food and people of the city so much. Then we would take a 5 night cruise with a few stops in Mexico. I went on a cruise when I was single and had a crazy good time.

Mike went to Northern California on his first honeymoon and has always wanted to go back with me. He said he was miserable the entire trip because he was realizing what a huge mistake he had just made, but he kept thinking how amazing the trip should have been. I have been to San Fransisco before to visit my oldest friend, Mel, but I haven't been to see her since she had her 2 children. It would be a great chance to catch up with her and we could stay at a resort along Big Sur, which Mike said was the most beautiful view he's ever seen.

The third choice would be New York, which I've never been to and Mike really doesn't want to go back too. We could visit his sister and family in upper New York and spend a few days in the city.

From what I hear now is a good time to be booking travel so I need to make up my mind quickly. Any input is appreciated since I am terribly indecisive. Mike has pretty much left it up to me but he prefers option 1.


Sinclair said...

1. does the B&B in New Orleans still exist? I definitely would check that first, and check whether it is in good shape.

2. I am a native Californian, and I know that last year they were having trouble with the highway 1 near/around Big Sur crumbling off the cliff, and it was closed for a time. If you are visiting San Francisco, but want to stay somewhere else, you might think about Santa Cruz, Monterey, Soquel, Aptos, or even marvelous places in Marin County, Sonoma County, or Napa County.

3. I absolutely loved my visit to New York City, but it is very bustling and hot/humid in summer. If is not as scenic and romantic as, say, a wonderful California retreat, and if husband doesn't want to go there, he would be likely distracted and less at ease during the trip.

My .02 - hope it helps.

GrayEyedScorpio said...

Enjoy the planning process! Dreaming up a vacation is the best cure I know of for winter.

Lenox Knits said...

Thanks so much Sinclair for all your thoughts! The Chimes appears to be in good working order thankfully. I have an e-mail into them just to be sure.

I had no idea about the problems with Big Sur. That could make a difference in going there now or later for us so thanks for the heads up.

Jenny's Vegcafe said...

I vote for #1. If it's a romantic getaway that you're looking for especially.

Stormee said...

I am from N California and I agree with sinclair. I think you will like to go to the city to visit but the places she mentioned are great places to stay. My vote is Sonoma and Napa. I love it there.


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