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I had a topic to write about all planned for the day which I may still get to this evening but my day has been eaten up by Snapfish. I read about a deal for a free 20-page 8" x 11" custom cover photo book on a blog this morning and I became obsessed. This is for "Oprah viewers" which isn't that the entire world really. Click here and it will take you to Snapfish with the coupon code automatically added. I am making a Lenox Knits Creations books, imagine that, but you can make whatever you want with as many pictures as you want. What a great gift idea for grandma or for yourself. I guess Oprah had some guy on her show who recommended that moms should take all of their kids old artwork and make a photo album of them, hence the free book for Oprah viewers.
It is kind of tedious and time consuming and I'm finding Snapfish's software to not be very intuitive but I'm almost done now. I'm not sure what I'll do with it but it will be cool to have I think. I'm making a page of pink, a page of orange, a page of earth colors, a page of Anh, a page of wire, etc. I think I read that shipping is $7 but the book is worth $29.99 usually so you can't beat that.

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