Friday Gift Guides: Boys

In addition to all of my little nieces I also have 3 very special nephews. They are of more varied ages and interests so I am going to call this one for boys but I will probably also throw in a teenage dude guide later on. I have to be honest it was harder to find boys items among my favorites but here are some great items for the little guy in your life.

One of my nephews went through a Ninja phase so last year I bought him a Relax I'm a Ninja tee-shirt from Kiwi Cuties. She is a local and she had a booth very close to me at the Strange Folks Festival.

I bought myself a Sometimes I Worry About Zombies tee awhile ago from TinaSeaMonster. If Zombies aren't your thing she also has shirts about sea monsters, panda's pooing, Yetis, and peanuts for your little guy's wardrobe.

Speaking of poop, which isn't that most boys favorite topic, Spider Camp has some fun and goofy stuffed bunnies with various levels of curse words. For your little guy a poop bunny would be perfectly appropriate, while your older boy would probably get a kick out of a more mature shitbrain bunny.

Speaking of goofy GrimCute also has some fun stuffed items your quirky boy might like such as this little one eyed egg plant dude.

If you have an older boy with an edge he would love Mando2's cool leather wristcuffs. I know from the forums that she is a leather artist with a son who uses her scraps to create their amazing wristcuffs. This little cuff is priced just right and sized for a tween or young teen and would make a perfect stocking stuffer.

For the really little guy these cool sport themed crayons from DooDadSmith would be a great gift idea.

Whimbrella also has a cute crayon/coloring book tote in a boy themed truck fabric which would make a great little gift.

Stay tuned for more of my favorites in gift guides every Friday of the shopping season!


Lindsey said...

The only boys I have to shop for are a little older, the youngest being 22. Although I think they would all still get a kick out of the "Poop" gifts.

KiWi said...

Now that is one awesome gift guide. Zombies, ninjas and poop are all boys think about :)

GrayEyedScorpio said...

I bought the zombie shirt for one of my graduating seniors last year!

The Verbal Warrior said...

Just a little something for you :)



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