Friday Gift Guides: For Him

I know this is a few days late, but better late than never. It isn't always easy to find gifts for men on Etsy to be honest. It is easier to look for whatever their specific interest are, such as my husband loves guitars while yours might be into golf. Here are some examples of good man gifts on Etsy:

Art is always appropriate for everyone. It is easier than you think to find art for your man on Etsy. JesseMosher has painting of everyone from Jerry Garcia seen above to Ryan Adams to William Burroughs. He is bound to have something for your guy's man room. I'm highly tempted to grab the Elvis Costello for my own guy's guitar room.

Dmented has lots of very cool gift ideas for men. He has all kinds of money clips, cuff links, and a few belt buckles.

If your man is a cyclist or just likes cool gadgets this clock from 1byliz made from bike parts would be perfect. It is made in manly colors and would look great in an office or study.

Builderstudio is the place to go if your man is a fan of old time science fiction or likes robots and ray guns. He makes pendants and gadgets mostly from wood that will fascinate the geek in your life and probably yourself too.

Awelldressedbullet is the perfect shop if your man is a hunter or likes the looks of bullets. This shop has some very unique items all made from bullets, such as pens, clocks, and belt buckles.

I absolutly adore Jeff Martin's work and bought a tumbler for myself last year. They have a very distinct and manly touch I bet your guy would love.

Maybe it is just me but I am always looking for goofy gifts for my guy to make him laugh. The best one I've ever gotten was from maybeyoushoulddie. I had her custom make a pair of mean bags with our favorite insults to each other. My husband loved them and still uses it to throw at me when I say something to annoy him.

Mixed Species are well known on Etsy for their irreverent sense of humor and cool approach to crafting. They are the only place to go if you are looking for beef jerky underwear but they also have some tee shirts that definitely make a statement. I bought this one for my guy last Christmas.

So maybe I gave you some ideas or maybe I just inspired you to look on your own on Etsy but trust me, it really is possible to find gifts for guys on Etsy.


Jenny's Vegcafe said...

Have you seen the Guys With Yarn calendar on Etsy? It's hilarious.

Lenox Knits said...

Hey Jen, I actually bought it when it first came out. It is totally hilarious and sexy to boot.


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