The Happy Couple

I don't normally blog on the weekends but I'm feeling a bit out of it today and not in the mood for much of anything else so I thought I'd share some pics from last night. If you don't know me you can skip this post since it probably won't be of much interest to you to look at pictures of a stranger's wedding. We went to a reception last night for some friend's and had a great time, hence the not feeling like doing much of anything today.

I had heard that Katie was going to wear black but she did go with traditional white but she definitely added her own touch with her shoes. They had a very goth cake topper and they did get a little crazy with the cake feeding each other as well.

I actully convinced Mike to wear a sport coat but couldn't get him to do a tie. Overall it was a lovely event and it was great catching up with friends. Enough of my life, I'll get back to the important stuff about yarn and selling tomorrow.

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Lindsey said...

How cool! I love unique weddings like that.


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