Random Monday Thoughts

I love my new little painting from fauxtograph. She decoupaged pages from The Audacity of Hope and then painted the iconic image over it. This is the first time in my life that I'm actually excited for the chance to vote tomorrow. I have the picture hanging over the fireplace right now. Mike is indulging me until the election. He says it is a little too "our great leader" and makes him feel like he's in North Korea, but I can tell he loves it too.

I took my little niece to see High School Musical 3 this weekend. It wasn't as mind numbingly bad as I thought it would be. That Zach Efron really is quite adorable as all the girls say. I told Anh on the way home that I thought I even had a crush on him, which I think she found a bit disturbing. She was dancing in her seat through most of the movie and when it was over she waited until most everyone else had left. She walked to the front of the theater and took a little bow and then danced her way out. She is such the diva.

I was talking with my friend Tif this weekend about the direction I want to take my blog. She is such a good business woman and always makes me think about things more clearly. I've decided I'm going to be including more "tutorials" and helpful information on running an Etsy shop. I've been selling on Etsy for over a year now, and I'm certainly no top seller but I think I have some useful knowledge that I can share. On top of that I've been buying and creating a handmade lifestyle for even longer now so I definitely feel I have more that I can share about that. The blogs I read and enjoy are not just glimpses into other peoples lives but also teach me something I didn't already know. That is what I'd like to create here. I don't want this to be just another knitting blog or all about self promotion. So I hope you'll bare with me as I see where this thing is going.


MySweetThree said...

I will be reading as you share your knowledge...selling on Etsy for over a year is such an accomplishment and I look forward to your future posts! And what great artwork of Obama..I could see why it is hanging on your wall!! =)

storybeader said...

I helped judge an student art school this morning, and one 8th grader drew a portrait of Obama. The theme was, what makes you think, WOW! (I like your artwork too)

Kala Pohl Studio said...

Great idea on sharing your knowledge, it is always appreciated and I am sure will bring traffic to your blog:)

The Verbal Warrior said...

I, personally, cannot WAIT for you to start in on tutorials and all about Etsy selling!! :D

Just a heads up, I'm presenting your tropical fruit scarf, and links to your Lenox Knits store in my next Stitch Witch entry (Yarn Whispering-Part DUH).

Since I'm just now exploring the possibilities of Etsy, and I'm absolutely IN LOVE with that scarf, and your blog, it's my lil tribute. Hope it brings you even 1 more person of traffic!! :)

Rock on! Can't wait to go vote later today!!

Jenny's Vegcafe said...

It's Mel's B-day.

Amber said...

Awesome :)


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