Friday Gift Guides: The Knitter

With everything going on this week I decided to pick an easy one for this week's gift guide. So if you have a knitter in your life here are some great items from my favorites to put a smile on their face this holiday.

I love hanging prints in my craft room that inspire me and this one by Stephanie Fizer totally fits the bill. I love the pink hair and the look on the girl's face who is wearing the scarf in progress is too precious.

Ok, this is an easy one. If you love a knitter you probably think it is enabling them to buy them yarn but honestly if you want to make us happy it is a sure thing. One of my favorite "suppliers" is Jess from jessspins. Her handspun, shown to the left, is really divine. The colors pop and it is the perfect combination of thick and thin.

And for the yarn gift that keeps on giving there are many spinners that have yarn of the month clubs on Etsy. I participated in ladylazarusplath's yarn of the month, whose gorgeous handspun is pictured on the right, for 3 months earlier this year and every time I got one of my packages it was like Christmas morning. Enough about yarn, just buy us some!

So you know we love yarn and most of us love hot guys so is there anyway to combine the two. The Guys with Yarn calender from Panopticon is the only way I know. I have been following Franklin's blog for years and in that cyber stalker way I feel like I know him. He really is an amazing photographer and knitter. I already have my limited edition and they are selling out fast.

We have to have lots of bags to store our different projects in and fashiongreentbags makes amazingly fun and functional bags entirely out of repurposed clothes. I have several of her bags that double for me as shopping totes and yarn storage. I love the colors in this one and all the useful pockets.

Stitch markers are a great idea for stocking stuffers. Different knitters have different preferences for their markers so you could try looking at their supplies to see what they already have. But these pearl markers from mustkeepknitting would make a lovely choice and for the price you really can't go wrong.

Shunklies also has many useful tools including this classically simple yet lovely ball winder. She also has some spinning kits and tools that would be perfect if your knitter has hinted that she would like to start making her own yarn. My husband says this would take away the thrill of buying yarn but I don't think he gets it.

If your knitter is like me she also loves jewelry. If you want to show her you know all of her passions a knitting needle bracelet from LianKabel would be perfect. She repurposes plastic needles into amazing, colorful creations.

Well, this took longer than I thought since I ended up drooling over all the great yarn and art for knitters on Etsy.


OLLIE MCKAY ~ A Chic Boutique said...

Wow - love all the yarns - wish I was a knitter! Left you an email re: doing a headband for me - can't wait!!

Lindsey said...

One item on my wish list is this set of initial knitting needles from Chelle:



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