Friday Gift Guides: Little Girls

I decided that I am going to do my own little gift guides each Friday throughout the holiday shopping season. All of these items will be chosen from my favorites, many of these sellers I've either bought from in the past or traded with. I know the Gift guides on Etsy are controversial, but in theory they are a great idea. My biggest concern with them is that they tend to pick from the same group of sellers when there is such an immense number of amazing sellers out there. One of my scarflettes was in the For Her gift guide earlier this year and it resulted in over a 1000 views and several sales came directly from the exposure. It would be great to have that amazing power spread throughout Etsyland this holiday season.

I have 6 wonderful little nieces that I love shopping for. I am always looking for an excuse to shop for them so I decided to start with Little Girls.

The Monkey purse is from THEMONKEYSHOP. I have bought several of her sock monkeys before and they are so well made and fun. This is a great take on the sock monkey trend.

I have always loved Spiderbite's monster journals. She has a whole line of Nightmare Snatcher® journals that will have keep your little one's bad dreams away.

I love Papersilly's use of color and whimsy in her items. I think this picture journal would be a great gift for any little girl.

I wasn't a huge doll girl but I think if I'd had these colorful choices as a little girl I would have been much happier. The doll to the left is from

RisingExpectations, who I just completed a great

trade with. The doll to the right is from suzannahmullikin. It is a Waldorf inspired doll in vibrant batik fabrics.

Several of my nieces are totally into the American Girl Doll craze. I've never really bought into that mass produced toy thing but I love that dollcloset makes really wild clothes that you would never find at the stores. I'm having a really hard time picking out which outfits I want to get the girls.

I've been shopping for jewelry a lot for the girls as they are getting older. I love these colorful little trinket boxes made from polymer clay, which would be perfect for keeping all of their jewels in. CookiesCreations has them on sale now so hopefully they don't sell out before I make up my mind.

Stay tuned as I do Gift Guides each week for everyone in your life. And if you're looking for something for yours truly that will be coming soon!


dollcloset said...

What a great idea! Now I wish I had a blog. :) Thank-you so much for including me with such cute girly items! That monster journal is adorable!


Dulce said...

Thank you so much for including me on your gift guide.

MySweetThree said...

I love that you created your own gift guide...I think it is a lovely tribute to these great Etsy sellers!

CB said...

Oh I love spiderbite's items. I've seen her before on Etsy! Spiderbite makes such cute items. ;)

I also like how you gave tribute to fellow etsy members.


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