Card Making Wannabe

Around the time I started knitting I also briefly got into card making. I bought several large lots of vintage post cards on e-bay and used them to create some unique cards which I don't have an example of to show you since I gave them all away. I used up most of the rest of the postcards by decoupaging them onto my bathroom closet door shown above, which has a Victorian theme.

I also bought a bunch of rubber stamps and card stock to use in this ill fated card making venture. I donated some of my supplies to my friend Tif when she was working with a crafter who couldn't afford supplies for her paper crafting needs but I still have a basket full of card making supplies stashed away. I haven't made a card in almost 5 years, but that hasn't stopped me from buying pretty paper stock when I see it on deep discount. My impulse to buy supplies really is a sickness.

Recently I discovered this amazing print Japanese paper tape. It comes in all kinds of colors and patterns. I bought 5 rolls from Origamichan in Toyko and it got to me in a little over a week. I'm totally in love with it but I have no idea what I'm going to do with it. The best part is you can reuse it if you can come up with a use for it in the first place. You can put it on paper and then take it off and move it. I really am easily amused I know. I'm thinking that I might use it on my price tags somehow or who knows what all. It is so pretty I could use it as a border on a sign. Two of the rolls I bought are a plain olive green and nice brown that will go with my business cards. The 3 to the right here are the others I bought and they would go with my banner colors. Do you have any unexplainable supply purchases that you would like to confess so I don't feel like such a freak?


Lin said...

I can see why you loved the tape--I'd be all over that too. I'm a quilter and we have a tendency to buy and buy and buy fabric. There are pieces I just cannot use--I love it too much. I know, it's weird.

Thanks for giving me the knitting bug! I bought a magazine last night with some cute patterns and I'm off to find some good yarns. I'll have to find a shop nearby that is good.

Rich Gardner said...

OMG, your article was great I used it last weekend. I found another website with a bunch of good how 2 articles. The website is Wacanai.com(http://www.wacanai.com/intro). My friends and I have been using it for the last few weeks and it is sooooooooo perfect!!! We posted a few of our own recipes on it. You can put your link on it too, so more people will read your article!!!! ;-)

storybeader said...

I used to not be able to go into a craft store without buying beads, but I have finally gotten control of myself! It's mainly that I don't have money, and I vowed to stop using my CCs.

About the tape... if you're doing craft shows, you can always fold the tape on top of itself, and use it for a price tag. And decorate mailing envelopes...

Nancy said...

That's how I got into making paper goods in the first place! I wanted to make some thank you cards for my customers, and I fell in love with paper. Even still I by paper on a whim and I have so much that I'm sure I will never get to just because it's so pretty!


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