Handmadeology, Etsy Guru Extraordinaire

I'm sure all of you Etsy sellers are familiar with Timothy Adam Designs and his other blog Handmadeology. He is rapidly becoming the Etsy Guru Extraordinaire. I recently bought his tutorial Handmade Blogging Essentials which had some good tips for increasing blog traffic and improving your SEO. I really wish I would have had it when I was first starting out with blogging because it would have saved me a lot of trial and error that I went through figuring things out on my own. He is also starting a five day Etsy Secret's Class with tips on marketing and ways to drive traffic to your Etsy shop that I just signed up for. If there is anyone I would listen to it is Tim Adam since he is not only making a living purely from his on-line handmade business but he is completely willing to share his knowledge which I admire.

He has also started a directory for handmade blogs as well. It is another great way to get some backlinks for your blog and some exposure to the world.

So he is currently having a Challenge to promote his blog Handmadeology. Here is what it says about it on his blog:

Handmadeoloy is holding another Promo Challenge. The first Promo Challenge was a great success with 5 of the top promoters winning ads on Timothy Adam's blog. Now that Handmadeology is in full swing with loads of great info, it is time to Spread the Word!!

What is in it for the winners?
The Top 5 Promoters will receive a one month ad space on Handmadeology.com
Handmadeology is the leading source for Etsy and Art Fire lessons. You will find over 20 videos, helpful insider Etsy tips, Art Fire lessons and a great forum to connect and promote your handmade goods. Handmadeology is currently seeing over 5000 visitors per week, and just hit a Google Page rank of 4 in only 3 months.

So if you want to help me win please click on one of the many links in this post, including clicking on the big picture above to connect to his blog Handmadeology.com.

If you really want to make me happy I would love it if you would vote for my picture in another contest going on as well. I entered the High Times Scarflette into the Etsy Worthy Contest. It is an old picture from my old camera but it is one that I'm proud of since it was the only thing ever deemed gift guide worthy by Etsy.


storybeader said...

yes, Timothy sure has a way with words. I was thinking of getting on the directory as well, but I don't have a lot of time to be competing with getting picked. I did click on your link. Good luck!

Bonhomie Jewelry said...

I clicked! Good luck, Paige!!

Anonymous said...

Honestly? When I look at his Etsy store, I find that the majority of his sales are marketing tips, followed by selling generic supplies, and the tiniest fraction is designs nicknacks for a wider audience. That's the secret of his success? That's what gave him thousands of views on his website?

If people went by this example of "Etsy selling success", they'd all be making sales through selling "marketing" tips, and they'd all be writing "marketing" tips blogs! The views are because people are thirsty for people pre-assembling what's spread out already all over the web. The tips he shares are all available for FREE on the internet, only that people apparently are too stupid to sit down and google them together themselves or read books by the real experts.

Etsy Guru? Come on. Rather, rampant garrulity paired with a sense for where the money lies and how to make people give it freely despite the crisis. Come on, people, don't let this guy fool you. If he was really busy with his primary job (remember: designing things!), he'd have much less time hopping around the internet and reselling freely available content.


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