Handmade Mother's Day

My family is pretty used to get handmade presents from me now. I like to think that I am seen as giving thoughtful and unique gifts. I have had some big hits and a few misses, just like everything else in life. My mom is one of the hardest people to buy for since she really does have everything. She is also a big shopper so if there is anything she actually needs there is little chance that she will wait until a holiday comes around for someone to give it to her. She started collecting frogs like 10 years ago which was great for the first 5 years. I could just look for some quirky frog related item to give her. Unfortunately everyone else had the same idea so the house is now full to the rafters with all things frog related.

My mother in law is much easier. I talked about what a sweet mother in law I have in this post. She loves gift cards to Target or Office Max which I will usually supplement with something handmade for the personal touch.

This year for Mother's day I'm giving them both yummy products from fellow blogger and maker of all things delicious smelling The Soap Seduction. She has an etsy shop here but it looks like she is filling up an Artfire shop to make her home base. Mom is getting the lovely rose soap above with a soy candle and sugar bubbles all in the black currant scent. Betty is getting the Marley and me soap, her favorite movie from the past year, with a matching candle and soap bubbles in strawberries and cream. While I was at it I couldn't pass up the yarn ball soap trio in her shop for myself.

I got my mother in law a locket and a heart book mark from Hub Girl's shop for Christmas. I love this rose book mark which would make a great gift inside Mom's favorite author's newest title.

I recently bought 2 of zcatstudiocreation's Print NotePad and Assorted Pen Sets. One is a birthday gift for my sister and a more manly one for my Dad. He is always scribbling notes on random scraps of paper and I thought it would be nice if he had a handy notepad to keep in his truck. It is functional yet lovely which is the perfect gift idea for Mom too. Please share your handmade mother's day ideas while there is still time to use them.

If anyone would like a knitted Mother's Day gift I would be happy to come up with something perfect for your Mom.


One Creative Queen said...

Do we have twin moms?? My mom is the exact same way - only it was with bells. She started collecting them when I was a kid. Twenty years later, I was still giving her bells...little did I know, she had stopped collecting them like...forever ago. Oops. But she doesn't wait for something she wants - she just gets it herself. (Which is good, since I can't afford .0009% of what she wants, anyway!) Thank you, thank you for wrapping up my Mother's Day shopping. The head nutcase will be receiving one of those awesome soaps. That way, six months from now when she says she can't use whatever it is I got her, I'll get something back I really want. :) xx

selahestelle said...

my mother always appreciates framed family photos. I also periodically pick a time period from the giant collection of snapshots she has in plastic tubs and put them into a photo album for her. We have a nice time talking about them while I try to figure out the sequence of events and timeline etc. and she sits and looks at the photos that she hasn't dug out in years.

Cards said...

those are beautiful.. very good artist..

Happy Mothers Day

Nilz said...

Both the Pen and the writing pad looks awesome. Those are really good as gift.

Besides, I have always appreciated the idea of handmade gifts. After all, they do have a more intimate touch, and really unique.


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