By The Numbers

I've seen this on two blogs today, Joyuna & biku designs, and and I thought it was interesting to see how other sellers compare. It will be good for me to go back and look again in 4 months when I get back into my season for sales. I haven't been listing or relisting much lately in the Etsy shop and my views are dramatically down, but it's not a knitter's time of year. I currently have hundreds of items in my inventory that aren't listed but I'll start photographing and listing them again in the Fall. If you would like to share your numbers feel free. It's certainly no competition but it is a useful tool to see where we stack up.

5,664 Blog Visits this month
463 Etsy shop views this month
46 items currently in shop
10826 Etsy item views
78 Etsy items sold
80 Etsy item hearts
556 Etsy shop hearts
3662 Twitter followers
180 blog followers
190 blog posts
Flickr photostream views

One other number that I'm excited about is my google page rank. I checked again the other day and found that I was up to a 3. Very exciting even though I have no real understanding of how it works or what it means. I just know that when I started watching it 4 months ago it was at a 1 so I guess I'm doing something right.


Leah said...

numbers are kind of fun - you have a lot of twitter followers!

Lin said...

Mine was a three too, although I don't know why. Who cares? I'm happy that it went up rather than down!

Little Dickens Designs said...

Wow! Great stats!

Rose Works Jewelry said...

That's cool! Maybe I'll do a by the numbers post soon...

Rose Works Jewelry said...

Your post inspired me :)



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