Weekend Wrapup

So I had a perfectly delightful weekend in Lebanon, MO visiting my Uncle Jack seen above posing with the Log Cabin blanket that I spent 6 months of my life on a few years ago (made with alternating colors of Cascade 220, pattern adapted from the book Mason-Dixon Knitting). I gave it to Jack because I knew he was the only one that would truly appreciate all the work that went into it. Uncle Jack has always been like a second father to me and was the perfect yin to my father's yang. I talked here and here about how Jack's creative skills made my handmade wedding possible.

Lebanon is a very rural small town with a nice mix of total rednecks and eccentrics living comfortably together for the most part. Mike and Jack get along really well and Mike does things with Jack and I that he would never do with anyone else. Like watching an over 3 hour musical taped copy Jack had made of Into The Woods on PBS, from the original Broadway production, including the actress who played Cinderella whom Jack had been in a production with in college. We actually spent the better part of 2 days shopping, including 4 Antique Malls. Antiques and food are the best parts of our annual trip to visit Jack besides getting to spend some good quality time with my favorite Uncle. There are a surprising number of great antiques shops and local restaurants in Lebanon. As long as Mike has Uncle Jack to make catty remarks with and tease me than he's perfectly content. My favorite find was the 3 plastic hands I got for my craft show display. I took a shot with my glass head and plastic mannequins that I will be using in the display this year as well. We also hit the outlet mall and got some clothes for our vacation which was good.

On Friday we crossed paths with my sister and the girls as they were coming home from Branson. We ate lunch at a renovated library with a museum and cafe inside. I photographed the girls in the bathroom and I was admonished by my sister for letting them climb up on the sink and taking pictures with the paintings on the wall. Kate said "whoever thought you could have this much fun in a library, especially the bathroom!" High School students had painted murals all over the kids section and we had fun staging some scenes.

All in all it was both a relaxing and productive weekend of great company, good shopping, and yummy foods, my three favorite things.


Momma Miller said...

Paige, I just have to say WHAT BEAUTIFUL work you did on the Log Cabin blanket. Absolutely amazing. I wish I could knit. I can crochet anyone under the table. Well, almost anyone. Okay, well, people who can't crochet. Anyway, you're making me want to start on a new project. It's just amazing!


blueviolet said...

LOL, your sister scolded you!

I've never seen a bathroom decorated like that before.

Glad you had a great weekend and wow to the 6 months of work on the blanket. It's beautiful!

Joy said...

Yay log cabin blanket! I've been working on one for...erm... let's just say longer than 6 months. It's my mindless garter stitch project :) Yours is fabulous - the colors are GREAT!

Thanks for commenting on my post about the skein winder - I promise to write a more detailed, explanatory post about it once I get it in my eager hands. It's basically like an automatic niddy noddy/swift on crack... I can wind 3 hanks from cones in under a minute. My excitement is inexpressible.

Hot Rocks said...

Gorgeous blanket! I love antiquing, sounds like a lot of fun. Great hands!!

Anne said...

It sounds like you had a really great trip! Glad you had fun.

Meghann LittleStudio said...

Gorgeous blanket and I'm glad you had a great time :)

Lou Who said...

I love your stuff. That Log Cabin quilt is amazing!

Nancy said...

Glad you had a great time! Cool new display picks too!


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