A Rare day of Productivity

So I took 3 days off this week to get everything together for Strange Folks this weekend. I actually got a surprising amount done yesterday. I only slept in until 9:30 and got up ready to go, not common for me on a day off. I got my hair cut, and on my way home stopped by Goodwill for just a few minutes. It was one of those rare moments at Goodwill where I not only found what I was looking for but some amazing scores to boot.

I wanted a cream sheet with tan trim for my table, which I found immediately. I also got a few tops and this gorgeous blue merino wool yarn from Louet, a major yarn brand in Canada. It was marked $9.95 per skein and there were 4 skeins. I picked it up thinking I'd pay $2 for 4 balls of crap yarn but when I saw what it was I was stunned. I don't know what I'll do with it but needless to say it belonged in my stash.

I also got all of my scarves priced and tagged. I used the Moo cards on all of the nicer scarves, when I ran out of those I just used my old business cards. I have 2 big tubs, 1 medium tub, 1 small tub, and a basket of inventory. I've decided to put out a basket of $5 items with some little girl scarves and things that didn't turn out perfect. I know I'm always a sucker for a deal and if I'm already buying something I will often find something else to add onto it.

I bought this rack at a flea market for $2 and I think it works perfectly for my wrist cuffs. It fits almost all of them since it goes all the way around with the little shelves.

I bought this spice rack at Goodwill for $3 and it holds all of my barrettes perfectly. I struggled for awhile with how to get them to stay put but I finally got it figured out. The great thing about it is that it spins so you can turn it to see all of them. I also have a few other racks that I'm going to use for my other items but those were the 2 I thought were most creative.

I'm getting excited now and feeling a little less anxious as I'm getting things ready. Thanks to everyone for your encouraging words about the show. I'll post pictures this weekend when I get back.

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