Strange Folks

I feel pretty guilty about neglecting my Etsy shop lately. Over the summer I let a lot of scarves go inactive since I didn't think anyone except for maybe a few Australians, would be shopping for scarves. Well, I have continued to be lazy and I now have over a hundred scarves finished and unphotographed, not to mention all of the necklaces and wrist cuffs sitting around.

Luckily I have my first craft show of the season coming up. I'm very excited about it and will probably be talking about it a lot in the coming weeks. It's called Strange Folks and it is Sept. 27-28 in O'Fallon, IL. This is what it says in the press release:

Strange Folk is the heartland's largest indie craft show, having been featured in Readymade magazine, on Craftzine.com, and numerous other online and print publications. Modern handmade goods appeal to people of all ages and gender. It's a way to bring genuine art into everyday life, and directly support those who create it.

From the list of vendors it looks like I'm the only knitter, with one crocheter and one spinner, so that is a good thing. It is focused on using environmentally sustainable materials so I have been working on items in hemp and cotton for the show. I hope it will open me up to a new group of shoppers.


Paper Girl Productions said...

I totally understand. I just got back from holidays a week ago and I have to get around taking pics of many new things and get them listed!

GrayEyedScorpio said...

I'm really looking forward to Strange Folk too!

Your inventory should be a sight to behold...

Tiffany Engler said...

Sometimes when we feel like being lazy it helps to surround yourself with creative people. Ideas are generated and juices flow. Strange Folk is just the thing you need to inspire your art. Good Luck!


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