Too Old for Dr. Martens

I remember when I was 17 I bought a black pair of Dr. Marten combat boots that I wore throughout college until they were nearly falling apart. They are embedded in my memory as the coolest shoes I've ever owned. I stomped around in them throughout all the many phases I went through in those years. I am now in my, shall we say, mid-30's. I like to think my nieces, including the one I am with above, keep me young. I am also surrounded by college students on a daily basis so I know what the younger crowd is wearing and thinking about. So when is one too old for Dr. Martens?

To elaborate, I participate in a program called http://www.mypoints.com/. Whenever you shop online, through their website with one of their participating stores, like E-bay and Target, you earn points. They also send you a ton of spam that if you open the front page you will earn points. I save the spam up and spend about 10 minutes every few weeks opening them to rack up some points. Well, I have been saving them for about a year and had enough to get a $50 gift certificate for http://www.overstock.com/. I spent all afternoon, obviously we are not in a registration period around here, shopping for what I wanted to spend my hard earned points on. I fell in love with these adorable Dr. Martens.

I questioned whether I was too old for them or if you can ever really be too old for Dr. Martens. And I decided to just go for it! I would not have bought them with my own money but since I was spending "points" I could have some fun and get something different than I would usually buy. I'm guessing my husband is going to hate them since he hates most of my footwear choices but I really don't care!


The Hyperlexian Aspie said...

Nah - you're never too old for Docs! Love your blog, by the way, and your knit are so beautiful!

Thanks for coming by and visiting my blog! I didn't sign up for any craft shows for this Christmas, but hopefully by next year I'll be over some of my shyness...

GrayEyedScorpio said...

I think you need some rockabilly clothing to go with your mod-Nashville shoes!

dianem said...

Ha Ha! I keep teasing my sis that she is too old for her Chuck Taylors-she is turning 30 today.

Sinclair said...

Well, I loved my Docs and I want to say you are never too old. I eyed a similarly styled boot just the other day...but I can't do knock-offs...would have to be the real thing. Those were the days!!

Sinclair said...

I could even fulfill the "your mom wears combat boots" line! Now, if they added a handcrafted line...I'd be on board. :)


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