Treasury Chaos

I happened to click on the Etsy Treasury this afternoon in the midst of a crash where around 400 people lost their treasuries. Sorry, so sad, I snagged my first one in over a month! For those of you who don't know a treasury is a list of items on Etsy, not your own, that you put together based on some sort of a theme. I don't know what the thrill of the treasury is but so many of us covet them, think about them and look at them when really there is no benefit to the curator that I can think of. I've never had a sale that was directly related to a treasury that I had created. I have had a sale from one I was in but that is a different story entirely. I like thinking up a theme and then looking for the best possible pictures to go with it. Finding items that complement each other and flow from one to the next is kind of like an art form in and of itself. And then there is the fantasy of seeing one of my treasuries actually making it to the front page of Etsy. This is a long shot I am sure. There are a few curators that seem to be up there every other day however. I don't spend that much time obsessing over it.

This is not one of my favorites that I've done but I like the calming colors and laceyness, if that is a word. The only treasury I ever had make the hottest list was a racy one entitled "She was the High School Slut". I wish I had kept a screen shot of that one. Those are the titles that get attention. I had one last month that got a lot of clicks, "Shop for Barack", of just items that the seller was donating the profits to the Obama campaign. That was a fun one and I happened to buy a few items off it at the end. I got something cool and my candidate got the money, can't beat that.

I doubt that this one will be breaking any records but it a nice little collection so I'm happy with it. If you have any wild ideas for treasuries let me know and we'll see if we can make my dream come true of making it to the front page. I am a big dreamer, let me tell you!

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