Scarves vs. Scarflettes

The Strange Folk Festival was definitely a scarflette crowd. I had my glass head handy with an eye-catching scarflette on him and we sold a ton. I started calling them neckwarmers since people sometimes looked at me funny when I said scarflette so I may start referring to them more descriptively.

I really like making scarflettes. They are fast; I can use fancy stitches and pretty buttons, and still make a good profit off of them. I also like making the higher end scarves with my more expensive yarns and fun stitches, but I only sold 2 of them at the show. I sold quite a few lower priced scarves but honestly I’m making next to nothing for my time on those items. I also get bored making the lower priced scarves since I pretty much use the dropped stitch on every one of them. It shows off the novelty yarns well and it is super fast, but it gets old fast. I know I have more than enough of my higher end scarves right now so I need to focus on scarflettes or lower end scarves. So my quandary is whether I should keep making scarves that bore me or make the scarflettes my signature item and focus on them instead.

My next show is at Lindbergh High School the weekend before Thanksgiving. I don’t know if they will be as much of a scarflette crowd. The scarflettes take a bit more of an adventurous person who likes to try different things.
Lindbergh is the biggest show in the St. Louis area and I know it brings out the people but I’m unsure of whether they will get me like the Strange Folk did. I think the lower end scarves are much more of a sure thing but I don’t want the next few months to turn into drudgery if all I do is churn out drop stitch scarves.

I will probably end up dividing my time between the 2. I’ll do low end scarves until I’m bored to tears and then do a fun scarflette, but I really wish I could just be confident enough in the scarflette to make it my signature. I did really well with them on Etsy last year also so I think they would sell there if not at the show. So let me know what you think about my scarf vs. scarflette situation.


Lindsey said...

I wouldn't make a lot of low price scarves if you don't enjoy making them. You should enjoy your craft - otherwise it becomes a job.

Maybe make a few, just to have a variety of items to sell.

Judy Evans said...

These scarves are beautiful! Love the colors!

alamodestuff said...

Oh, it's the perfect time for those wonderful scarves and scarflettes! And the colors are wonderful!

Hey, did you catch Proj. Runway last night...can you believe it!!

Monkeybuns said...


Jewelry Rockstar said...

my 7 yr old saw your site and said "whoa that's cool."

Periwinkle Studio said...

Ohhhh...so beautiful! Love them! :)

rockcreekcreations said...

I'm wondering if you could find a way to make the low end more interesting for you. Is there another stitch you could use? Or try to change them up some?

Like Lindsey said, if "enjoy your craft - otherwise it becomes a job." Let me tell you there are plenty of JOBS out there, so you might as well enjoy what you do.


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