So I recently joined a free blog networking service called entrecard. You may have seen the Blog of the Day button to the side. I'm not a fan of cluttered and ad ridden blogs but something about this service appealed to me. For one thing it's free and no money ever needs to be expended for you to drive traffic to your blog and promote other like minded blogs.

Basically the way it works is you place the widget on your blog and then visit other blogs just like you normally would do, and while there you "drop" your card. It is as simple as clicking on their drop box. Then they come visit you and hopefully check out your blog and maybe even visit your shop.

Since joining I haven't really spent any more time on-line then usual and my traffic has definitely taken off. Some people complain that it is not "real" traffic and that people are just dropping in and then dropping right back out. I'm sure that there is some of that but I can speak for myself in that I do honestly look at the blogs I drop in on and really only look at blogs I would enjoy. I sometimes leave comments and sometimes don't, just like when I am browsing blogs any other way.

I'm also a sucker for any system that involves collecting points. I've discussed shopping with MyPoints.com, I'm an off again on again Weight Watchers user, and now Entrecard. For every blog you drop in on you get a point, whenever someone chooses to advertise on your blog you get points, and whenever you add content to your blog you get points. You use those points to buy time on other bloggers widgets. I really enjoy shopping for blogs to advertise with. I look for new users of entrecard whose price isn't too high and who have a regular readership shown through comments on their blogs. If they are Etsy sellers that is a plus since their readers are probably already going to be familiar with Etsy and hopefully registered shoppers.

I don't know if it will result in any sales but it's fun to know more people are looking at my blog and hopefully getting some enjoyment out of it.


rockcreekcreations said...

Hi there,
You have my card on today and I'm glad to say I've gotten 10 click throughs from your shop to mine. And I have your card on mine, so hopefully we don't have people clicking back and forth in the vortex.

I have to say I found your blog through entrecard, I drop and read. Sometimes I get caught up reading that I even forget to drop.

For a free program it has sure increased my traffic, and I fell like I've met some nice people through it!!

Dashery Jewelry said...

I'm really happy with my Entrecard experience too. I've found some really entertaining blogs, a lot of Etsy sellers who I hadn't meet before, and my traffic and comments have increased. Much better than Weight Watchers points!

Rose Works Jewelry said...

It's great to here another etsy seller talking about their experience with entrecard! I just signed up yesterday and I'm already enjoying using it - I'm hoping it helps drive views and my sales!

Altered-gypsy said...

I love reading the handmade blogs. I have found so many Etsy shops through the shop owners blog that I might have missed without EC.
The person behind the home business. EC is time consuming..But, well worth it!

ForKeeps said...

My traffic has grown with entrecard too. But I usually stop and look at people's pictures, and read through their posts.


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