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One area of my life that I'm not able to support handmade as much as I would like is clothing. When it comes to accessories and jewelry I'm all about handmade sellers but handmade clothing, particularly in my plus size category, is hard to find and usually out of my price range. I have bought some screen printed shirts for myself and my husband but that's about it. But I recently purchased something not only handmade but lovingly pieced together to my exact specifications by my latest girl crush Katwise. You can see me above rockin my sweater coat made from pieces of sweaters she sewed together. There is a great swishishness to it in the back that you can't see and I love how the sleeves and hood came together. I know that we are pretty much out of sweater season but trust me, I will get my money's worth out of it. The pleasure I have already gotten out of it is well worth it. It isn't the full coat in the listing in her Etsy shop but a cross between the coat and the hoodie. I don't think she is doing custom orders for a few weeks since she is hitchhiking through Mongolia. No, I didn't make that up. That's just the kind of girl she is.

I get over 75% of mine and my husband's clothes from thrift stores and resale shops. Occasionally I'll treat myself to something new if Coldwater Creek or Lane Bryant is having a big sale and my husband will sometimes get himself a new pair of jeans new but that's about it. My absolute favorite thrift store in St. Louis is Scholarshop. It is an upscale thrift store in West County, so it is where all the rich people donate last year's clothes that they wore once or twice. It isn't as cheap as Goodwill but it is totally worth it. Instead of paying $3 for a shirt you pay $7 to $10, but it is normally a name brand and relatively new. I get all of my husband's teaching clothes there and most of my own work clothes. Their Fall opening is a yearly date with 2 of my girlfriends. We get there early and line up outside to run in as soon as they open the doors and grab all the good stuff. It is a total rush.

I also shop at the Goodwill near my house. I actually have 3 decent thrift stores within a half mile radius from my house which is something that makes me happy. I can spend a Saturday afternoon and hit all 3 in a few hours. This Saturday I just hit the Goodwill but they had a great selection of Spring tops in my size. I bought 8 shirts, 3 pairs of pants and one skirt for $36. To the right is a picture I took of one of the new spring shirts I got with a pair of black capris and a scarf I just finished. I'm really tempted to keep that scarf for myself. The Goodwill's in this area have gotten much better quality merchandise in the time I've lived here. You can't go into it looking for a specific thing but if you have a little time to explore you can usually find some real treasures. While I was there they were actually putting out a donated bag pipe marked $25 which I was very tempted to get. There is also a Salvation Army where I find a better selection of men's items than womens so I go there when shopping for Mike.

I wish that I could support the vintage sellers on Etsy more but again, it is harder to find things in my size from them. If you're wondering what the difference between vintage and just used is, in order to be considered vintage it must be at least 20 years old. It's kind of sad but I think there might be some clothes in my basement that would be considered vintage now. That makes me feel really old. Not that I could fit in them but there are a few things from high school I've kept for sentimental reasons. Yes, I am a pack rat. I love clothes in general and shopping can be a great release for me. Luckily I have outlets that are in my budget so close to home.


Handmade Sunshine said...

Thanks for posting this. My parents live in St. Louis and I am always on the lookout for plus-sized clothing venues when I'm visiting. Rockin' sweater by the way. Love it!

Jo Hoffacker said...

That is an amazing sweater!


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