Fun on the Farm

I'm having a pretty crappy Monday: start of summer registration, construction STILL going on in our office and a sinus headache from hell. So I thought I would just share some pictures from this weekend that make me smile. We brought Mike's sister's kids down to my family farm for the first time. They are total city kids and had never been on a farm and they had so much fun running around, playing with my sister's girls, riding horses, and exploring Nana's yard with all of her creepy old barns, cellars, and other things to get into it. I was along for some of their adventures and photographed them well. It was so good to see Kai laugh and really enjoy himself. He is in that disaffected, mopey phase so to see him playing like a kid and having fun was truly special for me. He and Jessica really hit it off and Ani of course was in heaven to be able to hang out with Jess and Kate for a whole weekend.

You can see the whole photo album of the weekend if you want on Flickr here. I was really playing with my camera and trying some new things and I'm really happy with how some of them came out.

The kids are planning on making a "horror" movie the next time we come down in June. The old barns and cellars will be the perfect set. I think I'm looking forward to it as much as they are!

The daffodils were out in full bloom, which is always my favorite sign of Spring too.


blueviolet said...

The kids are all so beautiful and the daffodils are glorious!

storybeader said...

looks like fun. The wind is blowing all the pollens around here. Hope you feel better. {:-D

Kristin at My Art and the Mom in Me said...

What kid, or adult for that matter, wouldn't have fun there? It sounds wonderful!

And I hope your crappy Monday got better as the day went on! :(

Nancy said...

Very cool pictures. It's good to get away and remember the people in your life sometimes too:) Very nice composition on your photos too.

Nancy said...

Also...I was just checking out your blogger profile...it seems we have a lot in terms of hobbies in common. I am a big lover of most of your favorite books and musicians:) Esp. Red Hot Chili Peppers and David Sedaris/ Augusten Burroughs.

Meekiyu said...

aww man they look like they're having a great old time! I'm a city girl all my life so when I went to a farm it was like a whole new world entirely! =D


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