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I'm really happy for my sister in law of Gray Eyed Scorpio on Etsy, for the great feature on StL Handmade. She is married to my husband's twin and actually introduced me to my husband. Her blog is called Fabric Addict. She sells everything from fabric headbands, purses, key fobs and her newest creations are her upcycled appliqued jackets and shirts. She is reclaiming thrift store items and giving them a new life with her designs. You can find lots of different sizes and patterns in her etsy shop now and she's adding more and more all the time.

St Louis Handmade is a fairly new website devoted to getting the word out about handmade in this area. They do features of local artisans every week. It is a very professional and well designed site that has tons of useful information for St. Louis folks. I will probably try to get a feature set up for early next fall at the start of my season. I want to work on my pictures to make sure I get the most out of the exposure.

Debi and I have different approaches to crafting and life in general but I think this interview really captured her well. She is super organized and practical. I'm pretty chaotic and whatever the opposite of practical is! Here are some of her answers that express her creative approach:

How would you describe your art or your style?
I’m a practical person, and I think that people can better justify spending their money on arts that are practical. My work reflects that perspective. I sew everything from headbands, bags, and purses to clothing embellishments. “Practical” does not have to mean “bland”.

What is your artistic background?

Although my parents taught me sewing and building skills, my artistic side emerged first in writing. The imaginative aspects of writing translate well to tangible arts…and it’s much quicker and easier to share and sell sewing projects than to publish writing!

.What inspires you?

If I’m looking for a spark, I’ll browse photos on Flickr. It’s remarkable to see the range of possibilities that stem from one similar idea. Looking at art quilts, for example, motivates me to try more complicated or risky ideas.

.When do you feel your most creative?

Paradoxically, I have the most ideas when I have the least time to create!

.How does creating make you feel?
Creating makes me feel simultaneously calm and revved up.

What is your studio or work space like?

My husband calls our basement “Debi’s World” because it’s where I spend so much time. My space is not remotely fancy, but I’ve got ample tables, shelving, and storage, as well as my music library, fitness equipment, and photography area. There are some pictures of it on my Flickr account.

.When you aren’t creating, how do you like to spend your time?
I enjoy yard work, home improvement projects, cooking, thrift shopping, and reading. I also try to spend as much time as possible out of doors–especially hiking, running, and cycling.

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