Kiss Me, I'm Almost Irish

I'm actually Scottish, which is close enough right? I grew up in a town, Rolla MO, where St. Pats Day was the most important holiday of the year, for the college kids anyway. It was a week long celebration with quit epic drunken debauchery. It has been toned down a bit in the last decade after a few tragic deaths and a bit too much attention. There was a year when Rolla was in the Guinness Book of World Records for most beer drunk in a weekend per capita. I haven't been home for the festivities in a number of years but I still remember a few truly carefree and amazing St. Pats celebrations from my youth.

Here are a few favorites in the Kelly green color that is so important today. The Irish Valley Scarf at the top is in a really soft mohair yarn. I used a traditional lace pattern that I love. The panties above are Handdyed Batik from Potomacrivergoods and make quite a statement.

I absolutely adore this Asymmetrical one sleeve cape from Sandmaiden. It comes in sizes all the way up to XXL and is made in a Hand dyed and felted wool jersey.

This gorgeous handdyed 100% extra fine merino wool is from Dyeabolical Yarns. I actually sat right next to her at the Strange Folks festival last year and was tempted by her yarns all weekend long. She is a very friendly seller and fellow St. Louisian.

I love this shot from earthandsunfolk. It is a handdyed bamboo woven twill tote. I have a hemp bag from her that I absolutely loved carrying last summer.


Kristin at My Art and the Mom in Me said...

Thanks for sharing these items.. I am never disappointed at what you find, and I love that green bag!

Nancy said...

Gorgeous picks! I LOVE the sweater too! Glad to hear your expenses are covered with craft fairs...that makes me feel like one day there is hope to get out of this gigantic financial hole my shop is in. Mostly that's because I actually do buy the yarns I'm tempted by:) What can I say? I'm an artist, not a business mind.

Handmade Sunshine said...

OMG! I think I met you at Strange Folk last year. A friend and I drove down from Iowa just for it. Dyeabolical had some incredible stuff there, I bought 4 rovings from her and just love the way they spun up. In fact, my Etsy avatar is one of them. Did you sit right behind her and have quite a few really cute scarflets and I think felted creatures? Trying to remember, it was a really good time wasn't it?!

Justine said...

Thank you kindly for the kudos, sweet pea! That was so nice of ya!!!


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