A Few Cool Diversions

Get your twitter mosaic here.

The above is a cool diversion. It takes all of your followers from Twitter and creates a Mosiac. I tried to save it with the logos and faces seperately but it wouldn't let me cut and paste them here for some reason. You can also buy a tee-shirt or tote with it, which is pretty cool.

If you haven't tried Pandora's radio yet you must check it out. Quite possibly the coolest music site ever. You type in a song or artist and it sets up a playlist of related songs. You can skip ahead, get more information, or even go right to itunes and buy the song with a click. It's totally free to use and doesn't take a downlode so you can use it at work.

I also wanted to share a website/blog I have been devouring this week. I shared the Etsy shop of Katwise when I was talking about color last week. Well, this week I've been reading about her colorful life on her website. So far I've made it through Hitchhiking to Timbuktu and her South American adventures. It is a fascinating read about a fascinating girl. I was talking to my husband about her interesting life and asked if he thought we were missing out on something with our few world experiences. His response was that he was living the exact life he would choose, which made me feel better. I agree that you can be a free spirit wherever you are and we create our own paradise.

I recommend kicking back with some cool world music from Pandora's radio and reading about her adventures though if you want to waste an afternoon.


Meekiyu said...

o wow I'm not on twitter but that's an awesome mosaic and Pandora hmm never heard of it before.

Nancy said...

Love pandora! I like the idea of creating your own paradise wherever you are. I'm a bit of a home body myself. I'd like to travel, but I don't know how much my bank account would like that:)

Sandy said...

Pandora is awesome. We use it at school all the time!

storybeader said...

cool mosaic! and pandora's radio is a neat link!

SignatureSterling~Untie the Ribbons! said...

Thanks SO much for sharing Katwise's blog - just bookmarked it for later "today" (can't believe I'm still up - LOL!) and yes, Pandora is AWESOME (my daughter introduced me to it a couple of months ago) - love your idea of combining the blog and Pandora for a relaxing afternoon!

In the meantime, you've been awarded something special! Stop by my blog to pick it up and learn the details! Happy Thursday!! Peace, Sue, SignatureSterling


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