What's New for Spring

Well, it appears that Spring has finally sprung. I was actually able to get some pictures taken this weekend and have some new items to post for the first time in awhile. I've listed a few of the Spring scarves and I'll be adding more every day this week. I also have some pouches that I will be adding as well. I think I will keep it consistent and price each of them at $12. They are the perfect size for a cell phone and lipstick or whatever little items you want to keep safe. They each have a drawstring close and are decorated with little shells or beads to add some pizazz.

The Rainbow scarf above is a cool cotton blend yarn from Noro. I really like how the bamboo lace scarf came out. I took the picture on an old wood bamboo chair which I thought was a cool effect. The pink scarf is a raw silk and is beaded with shiny seed beads.

I was contacted by the Green with Indie show that a spot had opened up for me if I could be ready to go. This was the show that had originally turned me down. It is 2 weeks away and I just haven't built up the Spring inventory that I had anticipated having for a show. I have been working on whatever has caught my attention for the past few months with no real direction. If I had known that I had a show for the Spring I would have been totally focused on my agenda. I also made plans to take my niece to the family farm that weekend and play with my other nieces. I don't think I could break those plans without a lot of guilt even if I wanted to, so I regretfully turned them down. I really want to keep good lines of communication going with the Craft Mafia so that I can hopefully get into the indie shows I'm really wanting to do next Fall but I don't think they will be too surprised.


Sinclair said...

Your work is beautiful. I'm sorry you won't be doing the spring show, but perhaps you will be able to do one in the fall. I have to step up my skills to do some of the wonderful scarves you create!

storybeader said...

those pouches are really cute!

Hot Rocks said...

Love those pouches! Very cute.

Duni said...

I love that violet scarf in the last photo!
Looks like you've been super busy lately!

Eve's World said...

I think this is the first blog that I have bookmarked ever. It shows your credentials and creativity. I am dam sure about one thing that, other bloggers can take an essence of it.

Nancy said...

Your spring scarf is really nice! I love the stitch. Too bad about the show! But you know, they have to realize you need time to prepare for something like that.


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