Etsy Party!

If you haven't checked it out already you should totally head over to Bella Casa's blog party to celebrate Etsy. She's got promo's and giveaways galore. It's such a sweet idea for her to promote us sellers in this bleak time of year. Her blog is one of my regular entrecard hangouts. She always has great shopping and decorating ideas and she definitely has an eye for the unique and creative. I had every intention of getting more involved and offering up a giveaway but somehow it snuck up on me.

Here is the list of generous and fabulous sellers who have item up for grabs this week:

Fabulous Etsy Party Giveaways --- Thank You All!

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Bella Casa said...

Thanks for promoting the party on your blog :)

It's fun to see everyone's Etsy shops and what they are creating :)


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