Spring Knitting

I know that we are in the dead of winter but my mind is turning to the Spring and what I want to do about Spring inventory. I got an e-mail about a craft mafia show in March called Green with Indie. My first thought was no way, I'm not doing any Spring shows. Then I read about it and it actually sounds really cool. It is going to be at Webster University and the focus will be on using sustainable supplies and green crafting. The booth fee is reasonable and it will give me something to work towards and look forward to through Jan. and Feb. I tend to go into a pretty deep funk this time of year and it's crucial for me to have things that I'm looking forward to and excited about. So I think I'm going to apply and see what happens. It's juried and they are very concerned about what materials you'll be using. I've got some bamboo and hemp yarn that I can make some skinny scarves/belts with. I'm also thinking about using hemp cord to knit some jewelry with different fun beads. I've done headbands and barrettes in the past and I think they would go over better at Spring shows than in the Fall.

I'm starting a new poll about what I should focus on for the Spring. Please take a second to let me know what you think will be my biggest Spring seller. If you have other suggestions for Spring merchandise please let me know.

The results of my fringe poll clarified a few things for me. I now know that most people don't give much thought to fringe on a regular basis, imagine that. And the others are pretty evenly split between liking fringe and not liking it. So I'm going to continue to mix it up and continue to add options for everyone. Thanks to all who replied!


SillyLittleLady said...

I have yet to muster up the courage to do shows, but I have been looking at a Spring show in my parent's town...I say go for it! Most people don't expect knitters to be in Spring shows because we make stuff for cold weather, but if you can funk-ify your knitting into jewelry and year-round wear, they will be so intrigued and will definitely stop by your booth!

Meekiyu said...

Spring show sounds great to get the ball rolling and out of the winter rut... love your knits ... hope you the best! =D

MySweetThree said...

I voted for the headbands and barrettes...I tend to wear more things in my hair in spring and summer...with wearing winter hats and all..I tend to not like anything in my hair. Although..winter hats in Texas are kind of pointless I am finding..it has been warm! phooey!

Swapna said...

hi... you are so accomplished.. just start on something..the beauty of your creation will make u feel all better.. Good luck

Thanks for your encouraging comment

SleightGirl said...

I have trouble on what to knit for spring as well...the jury's out on this one for me right now.


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