My little secret

I love this little pendant from Little Gals Studios. It is perfect for me I'm afraid. I've talked in the past about how I prefer chaotic environments. I get uncomfortable in perfectly organized settings and want to escape. I grew up with a highly unorganized family and 3 siblings. My housekeeping is less than outstanding and my husband isn't all that much better. He says I have this amazing ability to not see a mess right in front of me. Well, my husband finally convinced me that if I was going to live like we had a cleaning lady than we needed to actually have one.

We hired a company rather than an individual since Mike insisted he didn't want to have to get involved. I grew up with hired help constantly around the house, since my family obviously needed a lot of help. My father had hired men to help on the farm and my mother always had at least one helper around the house and they were generally just like another member of the family.

It would have been a lot cheaper for us to go with someone local that we knew but then if we needed to cancel for any reason it would have been more personal. They were here for the second time yesterday. It stresses me out to have to get ready for them so I accidentally "forgot" to get my work space around the couch de-cluttered last night. When I got home there was a huge yarn monster sitting on the couch waiting for me. I had started to unwind a particularly large and uncooperative skein and it got out of control. I put the tangled mess on the other side of the couch and it joined forces with other spare balls and scraps of yarn to create a massive yarn creature. I'm sure the woman must have thought I was crazy. Of course, they never throw anything away for you but I'm sure she had no idea what to do with it so it ended up on my couch. I'm starting to be glad that we went with a nameless company that we don't have to interact with since they see all of my shame.


Jeff said...

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Lindsey said...

Growing up we had a woman who would come once a week from a local cleaning company to clean our house. The problem was our mother made us clean our rooms before she came! She didn't want the maid to think we were messy people ::rolls eyes::

MySweetThree said...

Did you change your blog banner? Maybe I am just looking at it differently...I don't know. It looks great though!
When my friend got married, they kept her now-husbands cleaning lady. And she, my friend, would always clean the house BEFORE the lady came over. hee hee, I always thought that was funny...
And I have a habit of looking through messes too..What Mess? There is no mess! lol!

Lenox Knits said...

No I haven't changed my banner sweetthree, but it's funny you should ask. I've been seriously thinking about shaking things up. I like it but I'm torn. I kinda want something new.

Leah said...

I'm a terrible housekeeper too, having a crawling baby has forced me to get a little better - now our clutter is at least on high surfaces instead of the floor, LOL.


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