Tag You're It

Well it appears that I have been tagged with the ever present "You've been tagged" game by the delightful blogger Karlana. Her blog is worth checking out if for no other reason than the happy, smiling kids in her banner. They always put a smile on my face when I click over and she always has something interesting to say to boot!

I assumed it would come my way eventually so I'd given a few minutes of thought to it so here goes. According to the rules of this tag, I am supposed to share seven random, and/or weird things about myself and then nominate seven more people to award for great Blogs!

  1. I met my husband on a blind date/double date. When I got to the place we were meeting there was only one guy, and I assumed wrongly that it was the other person's husband. I finally found out half way through that I was actually on a "date". We laughed about it for the rest of the night and I think the mix up actually broke whatever tension there usually is with that initial blind date period.
  2. I have 2 tattoos on my back. One is a sun/moon and the other an Egyptian eye. I never wear clothes that show them off however since I'd have to wear sleeveless/cropped shirts which would be a fashion no no at my age/weight.
  3. I have lost and gained the same 40 pounds at least 5 times in my life. I always hope it's the last time but it hasn't stayed away yet.
  4. I grew up on a farm but I really don't like being outside or around animals. I always thought growing up that there must be a city girl out there somewhere that really wanted to be on a ranch and I should have been in her place. My family thinks I'm depriving my husband of a pet but he really only likes other people's animals, such as the puppies we sat for last year, in the picture above with him.
  5. I was considered the "rebel" and troubled one in my family. People find this ironic now for some reason.
  6. I didn't get my driver's license until I was 21. I still have a fear of driving in unknown places. I'm fine in my "comfort zone" but my friends all know that they will have to drive if we go anywhere in the city.
  7. I didn't start knitting until 5 years ago. It is such a part of my identity now that it seems like I've been doing it forever. I have gone through many other phases but this one finally feels like something that will be with me for the long haul.
I don't know if these people have been tagged before and I will not be offended if you chose not to play. They are all blogs that I read regularly and I legitimately would like to know more about them!

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Coloraddiction said...

Thanks so much for the tag! I love your blog. I have posted my tag here - :)


MySweetThree said...

I love this post...And I must say, It absolutely floors me that you have only been knitting for 5 years. You are just super profesional and your work is stunning. I think you have a gift...and I am glad you found it!

Youvegotmaille said...

Hey I think I'm the city girl :) I finally moved to Tennessee, though.

Great post.

Nancy said...

Zippers aren't so hard. I didn't know until I tried one...really I just experimented until it looked right. I'm excited to see your new pouches and bags!


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