Facebook Finally

I finally got with the 21st Century and joined Facebook last night. I'm starting to gather my posse and get some friends. It's funny since even the ladies at work are joining. It's obviously going to become passe very soon if my generation and older are now in on it. The kids will have to create something new very soon.

Here is my link. Nothing fancy but I have added some stuff to my profile and a few pics. I like it a lot better than Myspace. I had a page there but I just couldn't get into it. There were a lot of annoying bells and whistles that offending my delicate sensibilities. I like the streamlined and clean look of Facebook. There aren't all the crazy things jumping out at you whenever you enter someone's page.

I haven't figured out if I want to use it as a promotional tool somehow or just leave it as a personal diversion. I obviously wouldn't spam all my friends constantly with updates to my shop since that is just tacky, but there has to be some way to use it tastefully to promote. I have a link to my blog and etsy shop in my profile and I mentioned my shop there as well. I also included pics of my craft show displays. I don't want to put up a bunch of random pictures of inventory like I have on my flickr page but I'm thinking I may list some of my favorites and ones with Ani modeling. Since I have no kids my scarves are almost like my babies as sad as that sounds. I'm proud of my work and I want to share but I also don't want to look pathetic if that is not what people want to see on Facebook. I'm sure I'll figure out the lay of the land soon. I saw that Etsy had a page there so I'm sure that others have figured out a way to make it work for them. If you have a facebook account please share your thoughts on whether you use it for promotion or just for fun.


Sedie said...

Welcome to Facebook. If you create a page (look on your home page in the righ hand column for "pages") you can make that all about your business and use that as a promotion tool. That's what I do and it seems to work well. Enjoy!

Body Natural Soap said...

I really need to pay mor attention to my face book. I am like you just now joining the 21st century

Bella Casa said...

I love facebook!

I have my blog posts auto-post to my profile. I wrote a blog post on how to do that here:


Make sure to stop by my Bella Casa decorating blog next week, I am having an Etsy Blog Party, Jan 26-30, hope you'll join in on the fun :)



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