For Him

Last year I had several people ask if I ever made scarves for guys. I really tried to do it and even started a category "for him" in my etsy shop but not a single item sold out of it. I ended up gifting a few of them for Christmas this year and retired the category. I know that not many men shop on etsy but I did think more women would be likely to shop for gifts for their guy.

I made my husband a scarf this weekend since I was embarrassed by the one he had been wearing. I made him a nasty acrylic scarf when I first started knitting and then I had made him a really nice alpaca cabled one last year. He refused to wear the nice one saying it wasn't wide enough. I also made his best friend Chris a burgundy and black striped one as a gift this year that I forgot to get a picture of. When I was trying to make scarves for guys I would get bored quickly and would end up doing something which the guys would say was too girly. I think the one I made for Mike this time is a nice compromise. I used a soft soy/wool blend in a variegated and solid mixed up so there are lots of different stripes in a basic seed stitch. It's all manly colors and yet it stayed interesting for me with the color changes. He refused to stop playing his computer game for me to take a decent picture so that is the best pic I could get.

I don't know if I want to bother with making more manly scarves or not. If I do I will probably not market them that way. I may just make neutral ones and call them unisex or something. I thought this one, still in the shop, called Ribbed for Your Pleasure was a nice unisex but the guys said there were little flecks of pink in it so they wouldn't wear it. I did get Chris to model it last year when I was first setting up shop. I actually really like it and can't believe it's still around. I should probably redo the pictures on it and renew it.

What do you think? Do your guys wear scarves and would you look for them on-line?


MySweetThree said...

I think those scarves are great. My husband doesn't wear scarves, but our climate doesn't so much call for one. My brother, who lives in Mass., wears them...very, very similar to the ones you made.

MySweetThree said...

well, not very, very similar..lol, obviously yours are handmade..and his are mass-produced...VERY different, a fact I should point out, lol!

Nancy said...

I tried shopping for my dad on etsy this year and was pretty frustrated with the poor selection. (Granted most of that was what do you give someone who doesn't need nor want anything) But I know others must have felt the same way. I ended up just making him something. I don't know about scarves....but what about neck gaitors and hats?

Rose Works Jewelry said...

Looks great :)

Five O'Clock Somewhere said...

I love that manly scarf! You nailed it, what guy wouldn't want ot wear that awesome scarf?

Anna said...

I told my husband I was going to make him a scarf and he'd wear it whether he liked to or not! :)


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