Productivity at an All time Low

So I've gotten absolutely nothing productive done since joining Facebook. But it has been really fascinating to reconnect with people from all the different eras of my life. It makes the world feel like a much smaller and friendlier place. Thanks to the poster who suggested putting a separate page for shop promotion. I haven't figured out how to do it yet but that is the next plan. If anyone has any suggestions please let me know.

I did have a chance to think about the results of my latest poll. I'm so glad that I did it since the results really made me rethink some things. Obviously the majority of you think I should be focusing more on the bags and pouches and not the jewelry. I have made 3 pouches and they were a lot of fun. I did a basic design and decorated them with sea shells and puca shells. Mike said they would be perfect for carrying your stash or hackey sack. I think his point was that they were a bit sixties inspired which is fine by me. I will be working on some other designs and will try my hand at some bags with straps as well. I am still going to do some hemp jewelry but I'm not going to focus on it as much as I was planning. And of course I will also be doing headbands which I love to make. They are quick and use up the scraps that I have left from other things. Skinny scarves will be my bigger ticket items and so I will make up a bunch of them in different lacey patterns and such. It's weird to be planning my spring inventory now while we are in the coldest weather of the year but I guess it's how you have to operate. Thanks to all who voted! Above is a long skinny scarf/belt still available from last year. It is in the shop now if you click on the picture it will take you to the listing.

What should be the focus of my Spring Lenox Knits line?


Youvegotmaille said...

I'm having the same problem with Entrecard :)

Toni said...

I love to stop by your blog. Your work is really unique and beautiful! I think I will join face book too! I guess it's time. LOL I'll be back! Best wishes and happy selling!


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