Fun V-Day Gift Ideas

I know that Valentine's Day is a cheesy and made up holiday but that doesn't mean you can't enjoy it. Here are some amazing and fun handmade gift ideas from Etsy and 1000 Markets.

Instead of flowers that will die in a week, how about a fine art print that she can enjoy all year long. I love this Red Orange Hawaiian Wiliwili tree from 1000 Market's Arlene Salomon. It would look absolutely amazing in my living room. She has lots of images from Hawaii that are both stunning and unique.

This t-shirt is my gift to my darling husband this year. I traded with Pinuppixie for it awhile ago and have been dying to give it to him ever since. I think it is more than appropriate for our relationship and I'm sure we're not alone. She has lots of other kitschy and fun items that would make great gifts for guys or girls.

There are lots of yummy looking treats from food crafter's on 1000 Markets. This lil' bucket of love from asugaraffair can be filled with anything from Chocolate Covered Oreos to Chocolate Chip and Butter Cream Sandwiches.

If you are looking for the traditional gift of jewelry how about something really different like this anatomical tattoo heart necklace from wickedminky. I personally would love it even more than a traditional heart shaped pendant.

If you are looking for something really memorable and personal this original papercut of the two of you by papercutsbyjoe would be perfect. He can also incorporate your names, dates, and anything else you want him to say. I think they would also make a great wedding gift.

Etsy has some great alternatives to the hallmark generic aisle for all your valentine card needs. I love this Obama themed card from time2cre8. And for something really different GingerDead has this great goth card to let him know how your really feel about him!


PurrPrints said...

Heh--i like that anatomical heart one too! I'm with you on V-day--I know it's cheesy, but I still can't help but like it. Still, i prefer the offbeat. I tried to be a bit offbeat with my new "not just puppy love" magnet for v-day, but you've definitely managed to find far more offbeat (enjoyably so!) items here :)

Kristin said...

All great gift ideas! I am particularly drawn to the papercuts by joe peice..I think it is just lovely.

CastoCreations said...

I would punch someone if they gave me an Obama card...but everyone I know knows me better than that. :)

I hate Valentine's day. I don't remember the last time I "celebrated" it. No cards. No dinner. Nada. I don't think I even mentioned it to hubby last year.

Maybe that's why I rarely push my jewelry for Valentine's day. It's hard to get enthusiastic for a day I don't celebrate. lol

Amithigirl said...

What wonderful finds, I like all of them:)

Erika said...

The chocolate treats from a sugar affair look great to me! But then, who would not like chocolate on any occasion?

:-) MaryLou said...

Thanks for including my Obama cards in your post! I'm not even much of a Valentine's Day fanatic (and I doubt that my husband even knows when it is), but it's fun to try to come up with ideas for cards.


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