Hope Over Fear

Regardless of your political views I hope you can take a moment today to fell the surge of hope that has spread throughout the country today. I can feel it and I hope you can too. It may not be easy and from what I understand about his speech, unfortunately I didn't catch it live, but Obama knows it's going to be a tough road ahead. I think some people were wanting a soaring speech of rhetoric, but he gave us a taste of reality and what is ahead for us in this country. But above all he gave us hope. That may not be much but it is more than we've had the last few years. I really think he can change the way things are going. I believe it in my heart. I know there is a lot of fear about the economy and the wars but I really want to believe that there is a possibility that things will get better, if not tomorrow than in the next 4 years. I hope you believe it too.

Many Etsy artists have items listed to share this hope in art and in jewelry for all the world to see. The painting above is by one of my favorite's Allisonstrine. The necklace is from BellaTuJewelry. It is a simple, yet powerful piece to let people know how you feel.


Lynda Lehmann said...

It's wonderful to see hope on young faces (and old) and to anticipate the further healing that I expect to come from the leadership of this transformative, self-aware person. I've been depressed over our government for these past 8 years, and I feel as if a big weight has been lifted!

allison strine said...
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allison strine said...

It's a pretty special day in America, and the whole world. I'll never forget it.

Paige, thanks so much for including my art on your post - I'm so touched!


Sedie said...

I think today was a beautiful show of hope for today and the future. I know we have a lot of work to do, but if we work together, doing our part, we can ensure that our President's plans are not lost on us as a Nation. Thanks for your post.

BellaTuJewelry said...

This is a tremendous day in our country's history. My heart is full of pride and hope today.

Thank you, Paige, for including my necklace in your lovely post!

On The Verge said...

Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment. Your post is lovely.


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