New Beginnings

I've always seen New Years as a time for self reflection rather than celebration. I guess that is my introvert coming out, or staying in. We were going to go to Columbia this morning to see some friends and stay the night up there. Mike and I both were up late feeling miserable for different reasons. He had to help his Mom change a tire yesterday in the cold and wore himself out while still just on day 3 of the stomach bug and I ate too rich of a dinner for my tender stomach to handle. So we ended up canceling and here I am. I will probably post later this evening with some rambling reflections but I just wanted to wish everyone a Happy New Year. I hope you celebrate or not whatever is most appropriate for you.

I love this print from mdsdesigns. It really reflects how I see the start of a new year. Time to look at things and think about change while still a happy and free time.


Nancy said...

It is a very cute print indeed. Sorry that your New Years wasn't ideal, but sometimes forcing yourself to stay home turns out to be a good change:)

superstore said...

Blogwalking and dropping :D

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