Friday Gift Guides: For Fun

I don't know about you but I love giving goofy gifts just for the fun of it. These gift ideas may not "have a purpose" or "be appropriate" but that is what makes them all the more fun to give. These are gifts that will be remembered after the socks have all lost their mates and the body lotion has all been used up. I don't think of them as gag gifts but more like gifts that bring a smile rather than an obligatory thank you.

The artist Anamano has lots of great art that I think falls into the for fun category. She has a whole series of prints she did while waiting in the doctor's office waiting room. The picture above is in this series. Her digital prints are vivid and wildly creative and will definitely garner a reaction.

Kill Taupe is another artist that creates art with an attitude. The angry broccoli is my favorite idea. There are other statements this magnet comes with that can express your mood for the day. He has some other magnets and stickers that would make great stocking stuffers or last minute gifts for your quirky girl friends.

It was really hard picking just one thing from bencandance's shop. It is full to the rafters with fun and unique gift ideas. I love this magnet that will get a laugh from the right recipient. I also love this eat meat charm bracelet. Growing up on a cattle farm this would be a perfect gift for someone in my family!

I have coveted an abitabite's fabulous prick pin cushions for awhile. She has also added the Zombie Uterus to her collection of pin cushions for the crafty girl with an attitude. You will have to check out her shop to see how she uses felt to create a masterpiece that really does have a function.

A great accompaniment for the monster uterus would be OrionStar's Bitch Away spray. It is also a fun yet functional gift as it will scare away cramps and painful muscles with it's blend of oils. She also has some other blends that will help with sleep and headaches if that is your poison.

If you have a The Big Lebowski fan on your list than spamberly's "The Dude Abides" framed cross stitch would be the perfect gift. She also has a "Craptacular", "end the douchbaggery", and many other fun and inappropriate sayings for just the right person.

I absolutely adore this Artsy Fartsy Poopsie Doopsie Plushie from artsyfartsyfooladi's shop. She has a great sense of whimsy and I am tempted to buy it for myself. As a sufferer of many digestive abnormalities this is a great way to express myself in humor.


Ben Can Dance Creations said...

What a great blog! I'm honored to be one of your mentions. :)

Thanks so much! I also love some of your other picks (like the angry broccoli magnet).


Ana said...

Ditto what Ben said. Thanks for including my print in your fun gift guide.

I love your blog too!

Take care,

Nancy said...

lovely picks, thanks for sharing!

Rose Works Jewelry said...

Those crack me up! Thanks for sharing :)

Jenny's Vegcafe said...

Oh, I want Rudolph is gay and Buff my Nuggets for Jon's stocking. Too funny.

The word verification is ofisfog-
that's a fun word to say.. ofisfog.
BTW, Jon and I decided that we'd name our hypothetical band "Pork Thunder."
Of course, if Mike would like to change from the Bloo Lights then it's all his.


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