Save The Children

The small businesses selling children's items that is. I have been reading about the unintentional effects of the new law that was passed recently, CPSIA. You can read a lot more about it on the Etsy forums, see here to start. It appears that just about every small business that sells children's toys or clothes is likely to go out of business after Feb. 10, 2009 unless something is done to rework the law. This law's intention was to protect children, good idea, by having toys tested for lead. However, the mandates are so stringent that there is no way for a small business to be able to afford to have every item sent off and tested by a government lab.

It makes me really sad for all these sellers. I can only imagine how they are feeling. You have a shop all set up, supplies bought, and then you are told you can't sell. I would be totally devastated if this were to happen to my craft.

I e-mailed my senator and congressman last week using the form letter found on the Help Save Handmade Toys in the USA website. They also have a link to find your congressman and senator's e-mail address. Couldn't be more simple than that and who knows maybe it could make a difference. There is also a lot more information on the Save Handmade Site by Cool Mom Picks. I put a link to their website with the cute bear.

Unless some concessions are made sellers like LittlegirlPearl will unfortunately not be able to sell her adorable outfits. And we'll have to buy all of our toys from the big toy companies instead of such fun and colorful play things like GoldtoneDesigns seen here.


Goldtone Designs said...

You are wonderful! Thank you so much for the feature and for highlighting this very important topic!

Goldtone Designs

KraftyMommas said...

Thank you for opening your blog to educate the public on this cause. SOMETHING has to change.
Thank you also, for your support!!
:0) Trevor

MySweetThree said...

I was reading about this..getting the word out is so important..it is such a shame.

littlegirlpearl said...

Thanks you so much for blogging about this! It is vitally important that we get the word out to try to amend the new law.

Rhonda said...

Thank you for passing along the information on this law change and its effect on the handmade industry. I had never thought of that aspect! I do hope something can be worked out, so families can still enjoy all of the wonderful handmade options.

Pamela Plumley said...

Great post. I sell on Etsy too. Polymer clay stuff. I would hate it if this happened to me. This is so not fair to these sellers, and to those who purchase from them! Some sellers absolutely depend on their incomes from their goods every month. That's the government for ya!
Thanks for pointing this out as I haven't been reading the Etsy forums much lately.
I'll alert my clay club to this also.

Rose Works Jewelry said...

Great article! This is something that really needs to get changed!

Brian Katcher said...

I'm going to write my congressman today. What garbage.

CastoCreations said...

This is what happens when government grows and overreaches. The market could handle the lead issues - as lead is found people won't buy or sell the products. But the government has to "do something" to seem relevant. Arg. It just pisses me off so much. Handmade is the absolute best and when I have a baby I want to be able to support these small businesses. They better adjust this law.


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