Things I love

I got inspired yesterday by some blogger out there in the blogosphere to do a list of things I love. I then decided to add some visuals of Etsy items that I have either bought or bought something very similar to from the same seller. If you click on the picture it will take you to the item for sale. (Soy candle from Nettiescrub, windchime from Botanicraft, buttons from Paratu2, crayons from art2theextreme, beads from BrookO, soap from pegasussoaps, guitar clock from portzcustomclockz.

I love getting into a cold bed next to my husband's warm body. I love the carefree smell of patchouli and how it reminds me of the calm of a new age shop.

I love stomping through crisp fall leaves. I love the sound of wind chimes on a front porch and rain on a tin roof. I love feeling like I've made someones day a little easier. I love getting to the end of a long talk with my Mom or my sister and feeling like there is nothing left to say. I love a good cry when I haven't let it out in a really long time. I love starting a new knitting project.

I love finishing a book and trying to figure out what must have happened next. I love meeting up with an old friend and feeling like you just saw them yesterday. I love running my hands through a basket of vintage buttons.

I love going into an empty yarn shop and having the place all to myself. I love putting a sushi roll in my mouth and having it full with all the different flavors and textures all at once. I love when the first bite of ice cream hits the back of my throat in the summer. I love coloring with my nieces.

I love the feel of my husband's head when he first gets a hair cut. I love listening to a favorite song over and over again in the car by myself. I love the way some words just sound right next to each other. I love bright colors all mixed up together.

I love the first drink of soda in the morning and I used to love the first puff of the day the most. I love helping someone realize that they knew the right answer all along. I love when I make my husband laugh out loud. I love discovering a new favorite restaurant. I love cracking open a new handmade soap.

I love listening to my husband play the guitar in the basement. I love organized chaos. I love my Uncle Jack's pumpkin pie heated up with a scoop of real whip cream.


Pegasus Handmade Soaps said...

Thank you for adding my soap to you blog. Great post of all the things you enjoy :-)

GrayEyedScorpio said...

I love the contented, feel-good vibe of this blog post--and it's seasonally meaningful to count blessings as well .

Life is grand!

TiLT said...

what great finds...love that clock!


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