To Fringe or Not To Fringe?

Some of you may have noticed the little poll on the right corner inquiring about your deepest and most intimate feelings on fringe. Many of you may have never given a second thought to fringe but it is something I've been thinking about more than usual lately. My Uncle Jack got me started when he asked why I didn't put fringe on more of my scarves. Apple Jack, as he is affectionately known in our family, is one of my biggest fans and supporters both in life and my knitting business. He's brought me many sales from his co-workers at the funeral home he works at and he tells everyone who compliments his scarves where they can get one of their own. He told me that he gets the most compliments on his brown tweed scarf which he attributes to the fringe on it.

That got me thinking about why I haven't been doing as many fringed scarves lately. Honestly I don't really like the process of fringing much. When I finish a scarf I like to move on to the next project and stopping to do fringe annoys me for some reason. I like the way it looks in most cases and it adds a nice design element when I am using a plain or simple stitch on an inexpensive scarf. It also tends to photograph well and as I was reviewing my sold items I noticed that I have a higher number of fringed scarves sold in my early selling history. Some designs don't need it but I am really wondering how you feel about the necessity or look of fringe. Even if you have no strong feelings I'd like to know that.

I'll probably be doing a number of polls in the coming months as I research what designs to focus on for the coming year. They are quick and painless and will take far less time than reading this post about the fascinating topic of fringe. I know I always stop to do whatever poll is being featured in the blogs I read just to help a fellow blogger out whether it is something I care a lot about or not.


Duni said...

hmmm - I tried commenting, but the system wouldn't let me. So here I go again. Sorry, if you get it twice!

I voted on your poll. Like most people I don't have strong feelings about fringe. I'm more concerned about length.
I'm small, so if I wore a long scarf plus a fringe I'd trip over it most of the time!

a happy and crafty New Year to you!

Rose Works Jewelry said...

I really like fringe :) It's funny and playful!

CAT Productions said...

I don't really care one way or the other about fringe, but I do love your scarves! They're beautiful!


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