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I'm not doing a Friday gift guide since if you waited this long to start shopping you're kinda out of luck as far as Etsy's concerned. You could go to the Shop Local and enter in your zip code and then contact the seller to see if they'd be willing to ship it priority tomorrow. In all likelihood it would make it to you by Wednesday. That is how I found the adorable vintage Babes in Toyland soldiers seen above from Calloohcallay's shop here in good old St. Louis. You can also try looking in the expedited shipping Gift Guides or do a search for expedited to see if someone can get something to you super fast. My scarflette has been picking up lots of views the last few days so you wouldn't be alone. I found this lovely metal candleholder that way. Baconsquarefarm says in the shop announcement that they are doing expedited shipping until Dec. 21 so you might still have time to get a really unique gift from them.

Speaking of my scarflette I had my first NPB (non-paying buyer) who checked out Wednesday. I'm so glad I raised the quantity to two on the scarflette that is in the GG's since I knew I had more of that yarn left or I would be really POed. I sent her a gentle reminder that you have to go all the way through checkout to pay with Paypal and put a link to the checkout tutorial in the Storque with no reply. So I followed up with an invoice to her e-mail address and no reply. I guess I need to wait until tomorrow to cancel the sale and get my fees back since Etsy says that you have 3 days to pay. I had a confused buyer once who just needed a little help to navigate the payment process through Etsy but this is the first time I've been seriously not paid and ignored. She was a new buyer on that day but she has 1 feedback so she obviously figured out how to pay someone.

My only issue is whether I give her negative feedback or not. I know you have to leave the negative feedback before you cancel the sale. I've heard people say that a NPB has turned into a real buyer so they say not to leave negative feedback to turn them against you. But if no one leaves negative than it defeats the purpose of having feedback since they will continue to rip people off and won't be punished for it. Enough of that rant. Enjoy your last weekend to shop before the holidays!


Lindsey said...

Maybe a neutral would be appropriate? I think future sellers should be aware of this customer's history...one of those sellers could be me! I would want to know.

Callooh Callay said...

Great idea to feature some last minute presents--I know I'm still looking! And thanks for featuring my little soldiers!

KAT said...

Sorry about your NPB, that really stinks! But you have to let other sellers know, leave a neutral comment and explain she didn't complete the sale. That's not harsh or mean?

By the way....I have given you an award over at my blog: http://candlesandcrafts.blogspot.com
Please come over and claim it if you want. I love your blog, and feel you deserve this award.

Take care,

Simply Charming in S.C. said...

That metal candle holder is GORGEOUS! I agree with Lindsey about the NPB..I'd definitely want to know if someone I was dealing with had a propensity for shopping then disappearing. My ego is too fragile to get excited about a sale, only to have it never get paid for...LOL!

And PS: I nominated you for an award, too...in fact, it's probably the same one Kat just posted about...hooray for awards!

Abby from SC


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