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I was obviously a very good girl this year and wanted to share my haul with you. I gave my husband a wish list of jewelry on Etsy and for the first time ever he chose the most expensive item on the list. I actually put it in there thinking that there was no way he would get if for me but I thought it was stunning. It is the gorgeous necklace above from MAKUstudio. She also sent along some lovely raku beads I can't wait to use and a fun magnet. She has a whole range of items some surprisingly affordable and some downright decadent.

Mike's family tends to go the safe route so I had the pleasure of spending my gift certificate to yarn.com this morning which was great fun. I bought some things I normally wouldn't be able to afford without any guilt, not to mention they are having one hell of a year end blow out sale. I got some non wool fibers in my traditional bright colors since I've had a number of people let me know that they have wool allergies but would like a unique scarflette of their own. I'm particularly looking forward to working with a soft linen that is normally $24 which I snagged in 2 colors for $9.99 a piece.

My Uncle Jack got me book one in Barbara Walker's treasury of knitting patterns. This really is the premier work and the one all others use as a foundation. You will never find it discounted, not even on Amazon, which discounts everything, trust me I've tried. Even used they will rarely knock more than $2 off. It's that good. I've been devouring it as much as I can when I haven't been asleep the past few days.

My Mom got me some clothes, including a gorgeous red cabled jacket from Coldwater Creek, which will be great fun to wear. All in all I'm very happy with my "take" and I hope you all got something to make your day.

I promise to have some real content coming soon, including a post on picture taking that I've been thinking about the past few days.

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Nancy said...

You are a lucky girl -- that's a beauty!


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